Sunday, October 28, 2012

VA The World is Remixed

Instead of us, we'll let the label speak for it self: "Several months ago, ''The World is Flat'' was released on Underground Alliance Records, and now it's time for the ''Remixes'' compilation. Couple-of-remixes idea became an LP. The important thing is that the most crucial Serbian underground names can be found on the tracklist. Also, there were no multitracks for remixers, as this was an live session in original (you can check it as bonus tracks) so that means these are plain remixes too - you could do your own if you wanted! So this is what makes this compilation different, we made everything out of nothing. 

BLACK PLANET proudly presents serious candidate for Serbian album of the year, dark serbia united, rebuilding the underground! Diverse - From sounds of post-apocalyptic remnants of consumerism to gentle pianos! Be sure to check it out in its entirety!"

Our contribution was "Is there a pilot in the Plain" track and you can hear it below.

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