Monday, January 26, 2009

Serbian Industrial scene (from wikipeadia)

Serbia never had the taste for the industrial sound although it had so many industrial elements in its political and everyday life surroundings. This sound never came to bigger interest because it included a lot of electronic equipment and a lot of industrial machines for making noises that people in Yugoslavia just couldn't afford in the mid 80's after communist leader Josip Broz Tito died and left the country in great dept. The spirit of industrial music continued to live in one-man project based computer acts. Although there were many artists that experimented with industrial in old Yugoslavia (like Sat Stoicizmo, Laibach, Borghesia) Serbian industrial/dark scene was small but well organized. Most important acts were: Autopsia (industrial experimental act from Ruma), Pure (industrial-rock band from Jagodina) Katarza (industrial-rock band from Novi Sad) Mindkiller (industrial act from Novi Sad), Vivisect (from Novi Sad), Overdose (from Belgrade). The latest bands that are still active and are still playing live industrial are dreDDup (from Novi Sad). C.I.H. (from Belgrade), Presovane Glave (Beograd), Pamba (from Kovacica), Youth A.D. (Srbobran), Third I (from Cuprija) and Figurative Theatre (from Nis). After the year 2005 a lot of bands started experimenting including the industrial elements in their non-industrial music genres.
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