Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSR036 - [C.T.D.] - Deconstucted - Delayed - Reversed (RMXs Vol. 1)

This is a [C.T.D.] compilation of remixes done for many different D:S artists. Altough [C.T.D.] are harsh noise project, this compilation is in very ambiental, drone, industrial sound pretty much well organized in the auditive chaos. So please, download it right fucking now. More about [C.T.D.] here:

[C.T.D.] MySpace page

01 - Pornhouse - Drop Droping (Slow Droping Mix by [C.T.D.])
02 - Third I - Cold Chamber (Cold'n'Dark Mix by [C.T.D.])
03 - Dichotomy Engine - Curtains Are Falling (Drone Mix by [C.T.D.])
04 - Children Egoism - Mould Glitch (Error Mix)
05 - Wo0 - Sunkissed Ladymoon (Moonkissed Mix by [C.T.D.])
06 - Ivan Ckonjevic - Umesto Budjenja (Reversed Mix by [C.T.D.])
07 - Tearpalm - Objections On Luminance Of Things (Objection Of Noise Mix by [C.T.D.])
08 - Erekta - Ispod Dna (Below Mix by [C.T.D.])

file info:
size: 180mb
08 tracks - 44khz256kbps/mp3
free download

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