Friday, February 19, 2010


Press release
"Well, you have already heard something about Third I here if you read one of the earlier posts. It seems that these guys just don’t know how to stop, but don’t think of that as something bad – on the contrary, here we have another brilliant album barely a month after the release of “Biomachina”. This time the subject is coping with quotidian insanity of ourselves and those who surround us, appropriately named “Everyday Madness: Daily Life Soundtrack”. Almost an hour in duration, including two versions of their earlier song “How Satan Gets Into Your Head” (each recorded onto its own side of the tape after the regular tracklist, both previously released by Smell The Stench on a split CD with Mein Kinder and earlier Third I album “When Tomorrow Hits…”, respectively), this dadaistic industrial noise recording will surely remind you of why it would sometimes be great without those pesky humans bugging you around. Limited to 15 copies. Released 19 Feb 2010. Circumanalis Records (Croatia)" Get it at

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