Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Album "Audiodrome" is OUT NOW

English below

U Srbiji album možete nabaviti direktno od benda. CD i od milošte nazvana "Štrumpf plava" kaseta su 200 dinara + poštarina ili još bolje TREJD pa ko šta voli nek izvoli. Zainteresovani se mogu javiti na thirdinoise@gmail.com.

Finally, 20th release of this prolific ambient industrial noise act is OUT. Tape is released by Czech label Rauha Turva and you can get the release at rauhaturva.blogspot.com or write to honzaherbert@centrum.cz. As their 20th release, they decided to give you bonus on B side – sort of best of their work so far.
For those who are into CDs, greek label Werkstatt Recordings released album in CD format too. So make sure you check this album that marks "the beginning of the end". More than half an hour of industrial sound or as Werkstatt announced "this experimental project from Serbia knows how to erase boundaries, great work in the fields of noise/idm/electronica". Ask the label or us for a copy.

February 2012. update: You can DOWNLOAD album [HERE] and hear before you buy it.

Two tracks you can listen and download online here

and complete B side (and more) you can listen and download online here

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