Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Third I in "Danse Macabre" radio show

Kanal 103 - Danse Macabre radio show - Episode 78: When lunatics win asylum

In this show hosts played "Naživo" track, and after short introduction of Third I they commented: "If you survive Third I, you'll survive anything." :) Below you will find introduction of this epizode translated from macedonian to english by google translate, it's not perfect but,... who cares...

At midnight between 25 and 26 November launched the second episode of the new season of radio emission Danse Macabre on Channel 103. In this episode I, Boki coast and decided to visit the madhouse in most horror films and what do you preraskazheme patients in them. In the show talk about the harsh treatments were performed on patients, some of them even had to sacrifice his life for "scientific purposes". The issue in question and morbid stories related to spirits of dead patients and their power to conquer the mental clinic visitors who come once between four walls and never come out. Walk through a possessed mental institutions began in the U.S. Athens, then Amitivil, Veverli, Bedlam and other homes in the given life damned lunatics who just want to surf with you in the hills sanatoriumite to pass through the Balkans, Belgrade Department of Neuropsychiatric Clinic . Hence once to the world of art and cult films visited The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Shock Corridor, then Don't Look In The Basement, Frances, Bad Dreams, Nightmare in a Damaged Brain, extension of the horror serials for Freddy, Michael and Ksenobajtite occurring in mental institutions, and finally visited the most current: Grave Encounters, The Ward, Death Tunnel, Insanitarium, Autopsy, Shutter Island, Session 9 and many others. Of course we have done a good music choice can serve as therapy for the treatment of lunatics, especially compositions: Hesus Attor, Naked Ciry, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fantomas, Acid Bath, Type O Negative, King Diamond, Samael, Third I , Nine Inch Nails, Candlemass and others.
The recording of the show can get it from the link below the text and to walk in the realm of madness. Enjoy the horror movies!
Link for the show: http://ifile.it/xmhkgot

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