Monday, April 16, 2012


Otherness is project of Noise Community. The idea was to compile tracks from different artists and to produce one 20 minute track. That track was inspiration for Cesar Naves to make short movie. And here is the result, this audio/video collaboration. You can download movie and mp3 track here. Now, enjoy the movie.

Participants: Alien Sea Fume; Attila777; Brownian Motion; Cesar Naves; Corazzata Valdemone; Corroded Master; Frozen Memory; Ganglion_Cyst; Halluciphile; Iky Iky; Lezet; Marax; Mousey The Elephant; Nos Project; Oni Oba; Otto Von Rhinau; Problem Anderer Leute; Psycoton; Rafael Gonzalez; Raven; Ronny Waernes; The Implicit Order; Third I; Tommaso Busatto; Trans Atlantic Rage; Zreen Toyz;

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