Friday, April 13, 2012

VA Sonitum Sonitus

New net label Waxen Wings released free download compilation "Sonitum Sonitus". We participated with track "The Truth" from the album "Audiodrome". Download compilation directly from bandcamp page and visit label's website for more releases.

List of participants:
Grinding Deviance - ThereGoesBride (USA)
John Magill - Kindly Old Elf, Or CIA Spook (Scotland)
nxfxtxex - God Phlegm (Denmark)
Carl Kruger - Inadvertent Title For Comp Track (USA)
Kevin Sharkey - Chrstfckn 1-6 (USA)
Arseterror - Punk Rock Atari (USA)
SiliconBall - 41 and 1 (France)
Conizguz - F4TH34D (USA)
le bruit du vide - Douleur Lancinante (France)
Crustacean Enlargement - Red Legs (USA)
Third I - The Truth (Serbia)
Draxxx Insert - Subworks (France)
Back to the Fucking Future - (UK)

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