Monday, April 21, 2014

Third I on Beat the Future radio show

Beat the Future is weekly radio show hosted by Croatian Radio "808". In the last episode #67, Third I was a part of it. 

Here's the whole description by Maja, the author of the show: "Serbian independent DIY label Black Planet Records - compilation Balkan Under The Radar Vol. 2: The Black Wave promotes diverse forward-thinkin artists especially from the label's hometown Niš and ex-Yu countries, very different genres (alg0rh1tm, Third I, mangulica & Nastrom, Claymore), new Kool A.D.'s album Word OK that he dropped just like that one night (19-20/03) for free, then the first ambient album of a young but very decent boy and sophisticated Croatian producer Illuminum - Antennaria on Modular Grid Records (2013), Mo Kolours new debut eponymous album on One Handed Music, absolutely free, Zagreb rap collective High5 with their Triestri EP, double LP of Budgie and Alchemist, The Good Book, gospel-themed feat. rappers like Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, etc, som enew tracks by Mike Gao, Insightful's new release Reminders, a remix from Chits' Custom Hype EP and a bit of 4di..." 

You can listen the mix below...

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