Tuesday, April 22, 2014

VA Divvin' Gan Near The Capell Fan is out now

This album is the fruits of a 3 month project collecting audio recordings from artists from across the globe. The remit to each was to produce an original work using a field recording of the Capell Fan from Woodhorn Colliery, Northumberland, UK as the source sound. 

The Capell Fan at Woodhorn Colliery is the last remaining working Capell Fan in Great Britain and originates from circa 1901. This project was initiated as a way of preserving the sound of the Capell Fan along with allowing the artists involved to apply their creativity and create a unique work based around it. 

The end result is an album of very diverse tracks ranging from noise drone and ambient industrial to dub and folk, all with a nod to the mining industry and heritage in the North East Of England. 

An accompanying cassette box set release is planned for the Autumn of 2014. 

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