Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Abismo" review in Noise Muzak Review

This composition, yes, that’s what it is, spreads itself over 31 minutes and casts a sincere depressive cloud over the listener for the duration. Bleak horizons are never reached within the albums scope, you are left helpless in limbo, any breaks in the modulation of the synth only raises you higher than the most minimal notions of coma. As the tune floods the trenches you are just a depiction rather than a listener, there are few variations, few movements to make, this sleepy composition will leave you in limbo, unmoving, drown in the minimal watery accumulation, your pox has weighed you down in the lake, all movements are as futile as the class from which you seek to leave. At your lowest depth the ringing of the distance comes over in droves. An album that washes over you, drags you back into the ocean, depleted of energy and need, the ambient ringing droning in your ears as your lungs pump gets overthrown by an intake of salt. 

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