Monday, January 21, 2013

"Reaching Toward The Light" review on Yeah, I Know it Sucks

Artist: THIRD I 
Title: Reaching Toward The Light 
Cat: DDA:09 
Format: Tape / CD / free download 
Keywords: dark ambient, drone 
Label: Daker Days Ahead 

The THIRD I delivers a track called ‘Nihilthrone’. It rumbles inside your ears with the vibrant low sounds that illustrates the walls of some kind of contemporary cave of audio. Inside this dark cave we can hear tones singing through its maze. The sounds of water drops dripping from the ceiling are turning this seemingly dark place in a musical piece that is not at all uncomfortable. 

‘Reaching Toward The Light’ makes my ears think of being in the cave and seeing an exit way above me. A hole in the cave where the light shines through but too high up too reach and impossible to climb up too. The music got a feeling of acceptance to it and in my imaginary world I imagine being stuck in this cave for many days without food or any hope for help to get out of there. The light that shines through and the birds that can be heard echo-in through it, creates an state of mind that is knowing that there is nothing we can do than just lay down on the rocky bottom and listen to these sounds while we basically die of starvation and loneliness. It sounds perhaps a little too sad, but in reality I think the music is pretty relaxed and with this on my ears I wouldn’t mind to die in a cave.. 

No cave around? No worries as playing this release and closing your eyes and opening the third one, should be definitely enough to time travel to this specific moment in time and space. You can find it and more information at the link below:

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