Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Reaching Toward The Light" review on Suave Citation

Man, don’t you just hate it when you get all trapped up in some dank ass cavern? That shit sucks. But on the plus side, while you wait for your rescue team to lift you out in an uncomfortable harness that totally squeezes on your junk, zoning out to the ambient sounds of the unseen world around you is rad. That’s kind of what you get Third I’s Reaching Toward the Light. Broken up into two ten minute drones, this release guides you into the deep with the first track Nihilthrone and back out again with the title track Reaching Toward the Light. Throughout both tracks is some verbed out pings and pangs simulating the dripping of water from stalactites all around you while slow synthy sweeps work the low end and fill the void. The difference in the two is that Nihilthrone has a substantially darker tone, taking you into the abyss you find yourself in, while Reaching Toward the Light is the jam with a much more hopeful tone, like you’re being led out of said abyss. If you’re looking for something new to space out to, this is your ticket. No new ground is being broken here, but that’s not always a bad thing if you just want to get your drone on. 
Unfortunately I don’t have the physical copy on hand, but you can get it or download it from Darker Days Ahead. If you come out of Reaching Toward the Light wanting more, the “prequel” to this release is also available on CD through Vomit Bucket. - 

Patrick McBratney

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