Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7 years of Third I

„Third I was created in Peđa and I (Nenad). We wanted to create music with dark sense and experimental approach. So Third I became entity and we use it to play, experiment and provoke. All the time Third I is changing, progressing, getting new faces and new expressions… Today, I really can’t tell you what Third I is: band, project, collective, performing act,… we just call it entity or “something…”

“In world and times  like this anything but creating noise is irrational to us...“
(from an interview)

Yeah, it's been 7 years since I started this act with my friend Pedja. Until now we made over 20 releases for world wide underground labels, 14 live appearances (concerts and performances), and numerous beautiful moments with friends and fans.

I would like to use the opportunity to invite you to listen or free download sort of our "best of" compilation symbolically named "Experience". Hope you will enjoy it!

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