Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" is OUT on tape and CDr

We are very happy to announce that today on "International Cassette Store day" our release "Industrial Syndrone" - collaboration with Raven is out on tape and CDr.

There is no doubt that this is for fans of heavy industrial drone noises. Now let's hear what our labels have to say about the release.

Cruel Nature Records: NOW AVAILABLE! THIRD I + RAVEN - 'Industrial Syndrone' C20: An immense collaboration of epic wide-angled industrial noise-drone from two of Serbia's long acclaimed and prolific noise artists. Grab it at

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Human Cross Records: "The best painter of still life is industry! Enjoy these industrial drone noises from this two prolific Serbian noise acts." Grab it at

"Industrial Syndrone" CD with gear, it´s natural surrounding. Click to enlarge.
Our friend Leigh Stench of world wide well known "Smell the Stench" label with "Industrial Syndrone" CDr
See more info here as well.
Na prostoru Srbije i bivše Jugoslavije kaseta i disk su dostupni direktno preko nas ili putem Human Cross Records-a.

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