Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" review on White Noise... Dada blog

Title: Third I / Raven – Industrial Syndrone (Collaboration)
Year: 2013
Country: Serbia
Artists: Nenad Popovic (Third I) & Djordje Miladinovic (Raven)
Label: Cruel Nature (UK), Human Cross Records (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Format: cassette tape, CDr
Edition: 30 copies
Tracks:  2
Time:  20 minutes
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Noise  Ambient

"Industrial Syndrone" is the collaboration that all of us were hoping between these 2 serbians artists: Third I (Nenad Popovic) and Raven (Djordje Miladinovic). Everybody knew the result could be right but nobody knew how... how? Third I usually make Industrial with a lot of Ambient / Drone influences, atmospheres and sounds much more calm and soft than Raven, who usually make pure and crude harsh noise. This time we waited to lissten to something like that: industrial, noise, harsh noise, hnw... but all very hard and hard. So this collaboration album is the opposite, we are in front of a work totally closed to ambient, drone, ritual, spatial and even it remind a little bit to ancient German kraut-rock. So, nothing to do with chaos, confusion and noise.

An immense collaboration of epic wide-angled industrial / spatial / drone from two of Serbia's long acclaimed and prolific noise artists. Available on awesome tape and CD too. "Cruel Nature Recordings" I think has 2 specialities. First, to known to choose good artists and also good recordings to edit and distribute. And second, to do awesome artwork and packaged for all these works, even if you don´t like the sound (or music) there is inside. In this recording I think the artwork and aesthetics are much more industrial than the music, which see always to the peaceful and calm landscapes in general, despite the noises in low frequency doesn´t never disappear fortunately. But it deal a kind of noise not anxious neither opressive like PE or harsh at all, is just a sort of fine "noise pollution". Great... I like very much this balance between two extremes. Put simply, there is nothing wrong with this album, everything is in its place.

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