Friday, January 20, 2012

VA Doomsday's appearance

Doomsday. The apocalypse. End times. Judgment Day.
Every culture has its own eschatology; its own vision of the end of the world. Doomsday is a compilation project to assemble tracks themed around this cataclysmic concept - noise, dark ambient, abstract sounds that reflect upon, relish in, admonish against or in some way celebrate your vision of eschatology. When the day of reckoning is upon us, let it not be said that we were ill-prepared to provide its soundtrack.

December Nightskies - Purple Sunset
John Lithium - The End Times
skin contact - extinction event
The Silence Bureau - Dance of Death
silent frill - Into the darkness
Ethernaut - PryamYd
Controlled Dissonance - Two Million Years In The Making
Raven - Human Cross
Mystified - With A Whimper Or A Bang
somnaphon - broken rainbow
Necron - Inner Acceptance
Deccan Traps - The Space Between The Days
Plastic Love Tool - Christmas Means Carnage
Third I - Postindustrial Times
O Tempora, O Musicae vs SDS - Fields of Rust
Death Mother - eternal returnings
Bob Tavis - Xibalba Place of Fear
Axelrod Nemoy - The Universe Boots Up

New release - ASS 2 ASS

After one year, this project is finally finished. Ass 2 Ass is the collaboration between 6 artists. Main goal was to do one experimental track together without being in same space, city, time and body. Every single artist contributed with it's own aesthetics. Only rule was - not to change the other artist recording sound. Project started in early 2011.
Participants: Erekta - dreDDup - Zeta Reticulan Oath - Third I - Pornhouse - Aventinvs Top releases for 2011.

Ex-Yu albumi:
1. KLEIMOR - Kamaloka
2. SCH - Glut
3. PEĐA VRANEŠEVIĆ - Nema zemlja
5. PROJECT 2501 - Ashes 2 Ashes/ Analog 2 Digital, ep
6. MRT - Interrior
7. DJEČAK IZ VODE - Srce, muda i pez bombone
8. DREDDUP - DreDDup
9. PMG KOLEKTIV - A vekot taka dobro započna
10.EMANUIL - Mesta gde ne mogu sam
11.YOUTH A.D. - Corporate Dogs
12.LJUDSKE POTREBE - Parče života
14,ST - Na kućnoj bazi
15.HOSPITAL NEON - Numbers On My Skin, EP
16.PLAVO TKIVO - Krugovi
17.RONY PLAYSTATION - Funkadelian
18.VISINA RECORDS - Idemo odavde
19.DUO TROJICA - Duo trojica
20.THIRD I - Nice Noise (Raw Ambient Pieces)
21.ZETA RETICULAN OATH - Ressurection Of EBE
22.SOUND POLLUTION - Does Anyone Know The Answer?
23.AUTUMN FOR FREE - Signal Test
24.NIKOLA NEŽIT - Splendor Soils
25.AUTOGENI TRENING - Na pučini živog peska
26.TAMERLAN - Koyunbaba
27.DICHOTOMY ENGINE - Mess Desolation
28.NEŽNI DALIBOR - Normalan život
29.STRANDED - U Are Me
30.HIGH CONTROL - Report
31.BIG CHARMIN MEN - Rođen negde dole
32.XAXAXA - Tango Revolucioner
33.MIZAR I HARMOSINI - Deteto i beloto more

horvi // 16/01/2012