Monday, November 18, 2013

"When Tomorrow Hits" review in ANW webzine

"When tomorrow hits..."
Year: 2007
Country: Serbia
City:  Belgrad
Artist: Nenad
Label: Smell the stench
Format: net
Tracks: 9
Time: 30 min.
Genre: electronic
Style: Abstract, Ambient, Noise
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"When Tomorrow Hits...", 27 minutes of apocalyptic ambient post-industrial noise. Release is multimedial and contains awarded comic “Paradox”. CDr released by "Subliminal Recordings". This is the most rare, bizarre and inclassable disc of Third I and, If maybe we can describe it as "abstract", "abstract noise" or simply "ambient noise", there is no adjective neither style to describe exactly what Nenad made in this album. Is a good "challenger" to listen to several times and reflexion what do you think about it... If you can to get a conclusion and an opinion, of course, beacause this is not easy at all. Original? of course, 100%, but easy absolutely not. Beside the raritie of the album, there was a very limited edition in vinyl LP format with a beautiful cover, pics and booklet (brief comic entitled 'Paradox' and some pictures).Good work.


Note from Third I: At the end, we'd like to thank Sergi for discovering this album that was inspiring enough to write a review. We just wanna correct one thing from review, that on this album worked both, Nenad and Pedja.

Friday, November 8, 2013

"Abismo" review in webzine

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Nakon prošlog 'svijetlog' albuma "Reaching Toward The Light" stigao je mračan rad nazvan "Abismo" što na španjolskom znači 'ambis'. U suštini, 'ambis' je prethodnica tog EP-ija i zajedno čine jednu priču - jednosatno lutanje po vlastitoj provaliji života u kojoj nema dna kad si ionako stigao u najdublje tmine. Ne može se niže pasti. Ovo je najniža točka u životu.

Opisan kroz samo jednu istoimenu temu, ovo je depresivan psihodeličan drone koji pristiže u mračnim valovima vlastite psihe s naletima nekoliko kompaktno razdvojenih disonantnih zvukova. "Abismo" valja i kotrlja, izokreće i bukti neoptimizmom i beznadežnošću. Atmosferičan rad koji nije za svakoga, pristigao je u jednom od najlošijih trenutaka srpske i balkanske stvarnosti nakon ne tako davnog rata. Zarobljen u nemogućnosti izlaska, prisiljen si tražiti alternativno riješenje kopajući po mraku za kojega više ne znaš tko ga je skrivio. Ti sam ili netko drugi, ali kako god, nalaziš se u njemu. Slijep ili povezanih očiju, ionako ne možeš ništa vidjeti. Samo osjetiti vlastitu paranoju i gomilu loših stvari oko sebe.

Mračna umjetnost sudbine.
ocjena albuma [1-10]: 6

horvi // 09/03/2013 

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" review in "SOB webzine"

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There is something about long tracks that makes a difference in music. Something ominous about a track longer than six or seven minutes makes me appreciate the music and the producer behind it more than I care to admit. An average music enthusiast will probably not care how long a certain track is and maybe even dislike the longer ones. This is simply because of the short attention span an average man has. How is listening to a long track different from listening to a few consecutive short tracks, you might ask. The fact that some tracks end within four minutes (or less) allowing for another one to start gives the listener a sense of moving forward, progression. ‘Third I’ & ‘Raven’ decided that this was bullshit and with good reason. In a lot of cases, providing an average listener with an interesting enough audio stimuli is far more important than making a statement. Because of this nature the music industry has so vigorously embraced, we are spammed with 3 minute (and sometimes even less) hit shits played on music channels as much as possible. The same applies for mainstream radio stations (and the ones online) that play the same tracks/songs over and over again.

The music that someone else chose for us is being stuffed down our throats on a daily basis. We are stuck with the “best” of a limited choice. Well it is high time to start choosing for ourselves and I choose ‘Third I & Raven’ or, if you prefer, each one of these fine individuals on their own terms. This two track Ep is a definitive FUCK YOU to all those who blindly abide by the laws of the music industry and still have the audacity to call themselves musicians. Both ‘Third I’ and ‘Raven’ are no strangers to experimentation and thinking outside of the box. Let’s face it, there is a lot more room to maneuver outside of the fucking box. The warm inside of this cozy little box is reserved for MTV, VH1 and other so called music channels where the only good change in the last 15 years was the new cleaning lady (the last one was a bitch). This particular maneuver is a dark ambient/drone epoch that needs a sequel, IMMEDIATELY. This being a two track review I don’t have a lot to say about the music, only hope there will be more in the same vein. Hell, play these two tracks backwards and it will still be more of a statement than a filler between two albums. If you even remotely like dark ambient and/or drone, you must listen to this. It is your duty. Further description is as unnecessary as poking the eyes of a blind man…or stabbing the ears of a deaf one. Leave that to MTV.

Review by Phoenix Cain

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Glitch Pieces" EP is now audio visually complete!

We are very honoured to present you video for our 14th and the final piece from "Glitch Pieces" EP. With this video the whole story from this EP is now completed and got totally new dimension.

After you look at the last piece, feel free to look at the rest of them at:
You can get the tape at:
I'd like to thank Cesar Naves for producing videos for the tracks, and Charles Hoffman aka Centipede Farmer for releasing this EP on tape.

Now, I'm onto something new with this material, but I'll talk more about that when I have more precise information.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" review on White Noise... Dada blog

Title: Third I / Raven – Industrial Syndrone (Collaboration)
Year: 2013
Country: Serbia
Artists: Nenad Popovic (Third I) & Djordje Miladinovic (Raven)
Label: Cruel Nature (UK), Human Cross Records (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Format: cassette tape, CDr
Edition: 30 copies
Tracks:  2
Time:  20 minutes
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Noise  Ambient

"Industrial Syndrone" is the collaboration that all of us were hoping between these 2 serbians artists: Third I (Nenad Popovic) and Raven (Djordje Miladinovic). Everybody knew the result could be right but nobody knew how... how? Third I usually make Industrial with a lot of Ambient / Drone influences, atmospheres and sounds much more calm and soft than Raven, who usually make pure and crude harsh noise. This time we waited to lissten to something like that: industrial, noise, harsh noise, hnw... but all very hard and hard. So this collaboration album is the opposite, we are in front of a work totally closed to ambient, drone, ritual, spatial and even it remind a little bit to ancient German kraut-rock. So, nothing to do with chaos, confusion and noise.

An immense collaboration of epic wide-angled industrial / spatial / drone from two of Serbia's long acclaimed and prolific noise artists. Available on awesome tape and CD too. "Cruel Nature Recordings" I think has 2 specialities. First, to known to choose good artists and also good recordings to edit and distribute. And second, to do awesome artwork and packaged for all these works, even if you don´t like the sound (or music) there is inside. In this recording I think the artwork and aesthetics are much more industrial than the music, which see always to the peaceful and calm landscapes in general, despite the noises in low frequency doesn´t never disappear fortunately. But it deal a kind of noise not anxious neither opressive like PE or harsh at all, is just a sort of fine "noise pollution". Great... I like very much this balance between two extremes. Put simply, there is nothing wrong with this album, everything is in its place.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" is OUT on tape and CDr

We are very happy to announce that today on "International Cassette Store day" our release "Industrial Syndrone" - collaboration with Raven is out on tape and CDr.

There is no doubt that this is for fans of heavy industrial drone noises. Now let's hear what our labels have to say about the release.

Cruel Nature Records: NOW AVAILABLE! THIRD I + RAVEN - 'Industrial Syndrone' C20: An immense collaboration of epic wide-angled industrial noise-drone from two of Serbia's long acclaimed and prolific noise artists. Grab it at

Click to enlarge
Human Cross Records: "The best painter of still life is industry! Enjoy these industrial drone noises from this two prolific Serbian noise acts." Grab it at

"Industrial Syndrone" CD with gear, it´s natural surrounding. Click to enlarge.
Our friend Leigh Stench of world wide well known "Smell the Stench" label with "Industrial Syndrone" CDr
See more info here as well.
Na prostoru Srbije i bivše Jugoslavije kaseta i disk su dostupni direktno preko nas ili putem Human Cross Records-a.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7 years of Third I

„Third I was created in Peđa and I (Nenad). We wanted to create music with dark sense and experimental approach. So Third I became entity and we use it to play, experiment and provoke. All the time Third I is changing, progressing, getting new faces and new expressions… Today, I really can’t tell you what Third I is: band, project, collective, performing act,… we just call it entity or “something…”

“In world and times  like this anything but creating noise is irrational to us...“
(from an interview)

Yeah, it's been 7 years since I started this act with my friend Pedja. Until now we made over 20 releases for world wide underground labels, 14 live appearances (concerts and performances), and numerous beautiful moments with friends and fans.

I would like to use the opportunity to invite you to listen or free download sort of our "best of" compilation symbolically named "Experience". Hope you will enjoy it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our next upcoming release is "Industrial Syndrone" - collaboration with Raven

"Industrial Syndrone" will be officialy released on 7th of September on tape/download and CDr format. 
For fans of heavy industrial drone noises.

Tape will be released by Cruel Nature Records and they are already done and available to pre-order. Here's a few words from our label: THIRD I / RAVEN - 'Industrial Syndrone' C20 - an immense work of industrial noise-drone from two of Serbia's long-standing acclaimed sound artists
Here's how next CNR batch looks like:

and this is tape version of cover:

click to enlarge
CDr is released by Human Cross Records and this is promo flyer:

click to enlarge
and CD version of the cover:

click to enlarge
Both versions contain back and insert covers as well.
If you want your copy, please contact labels first.
Ljudima iz bivše Jugoslavije izdanje je dostupno direktno preko nas!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Third I on radio show "Elektroda"

Listen to the last episode of radio show "Elektroda" that was originally broadcasted on 5th of August on Radio Srbobran. This episode was dedicated to Underground Alliance collective/label that we are part of. You can hear UA artists and we are presented with track "Electrophobia". 

Monday, July 29, 2013

VA The Usual Suspect II is out now

Montfort records & promotion released The Usual Suspect II compilation. We participated with track How Satan gets into Your Head? Thanks to Felix for making this happened.
Download for free HERE

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Glitch Pieces" review on White Noise Dada blog

Album: "Glitch pieces"
Year: 2013
Country: Serbia
Artist: Peda & Nenad
Label: Centipede rec.
Format: Cassette
Tracks: 14
Time: 18:05 minutes
Genre: electronic
Style: Minimal noise
click on image to see full size
According to the official bio Third I was created by 2 friends from Serbia in 2006. Since then they has evoluted and experimented always in the lands of the glitch / noise sounds and also a little influences of others styles such as: ambient, drone, musique concrète or field recordings too. They edited their stuff almost always in format cassette, with acurate, awesome, amazing and colorfull artworks in their own label "centipede records". I think the "music" of Third I is characterized first of all for these very little noises presents in all tracks. Because this miniscules noises, errors, mistakes or dissonances, we call this style as a minimal noise or glitch noise. It´s a sort of noise that doesn´t give a bad, violent, agressive and negative impression like death industrial bands at all, but a kind of funny, positive, optimistic and almost childish. I ignore if these 2 artists use circuit bending but the majority of sounds remembers it a lot. There are many different sorts of noises, sounds, effects and ambients, but all of them have the common characteristic: little, miniscule, small, minor, slight, short... all the adjectives to describe the opposite of big, hard and saturated. So if you are searching for harsh, hnw or something like that this not your disc. But if you like the experimental, radio noise, sound collage, minimal, glitch, consola game and weirdos... this is for you. Me... I have no doubt at all.... MINIMAL NOISE


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Our friend Leigh Stench of worldwide well known "Smell the Stench" label with some of our releases! Enjoy mate! :)  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Glitch Pieces" review on Tape Hell blog

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like if the old school america online dial up modem sound started its own band and branched out. fried electronics, mixers thrown in with the bathwater, noize band soundcheck. file under list missed connections for dos computer, as if circuit girl’s bent gone pedals wild with some dying eight bit nintendo, static hissing and spitting. serbia rocks again. the sound of robot nightmares.

listen : glitch     /     buy : centipede store 

Monday, May 20, 2013


"Compilation album "Balkan Under The Radar: The Invisible Scene" has had a goal of discovering new interesting names, mainly from Serbia, but also from other former Yugoslav republics, with our residents and friends, of course. We wanted to expand our family! The most important thing is that we’ve shown there are a lot of talented people in the region, with completely different views of the world. We have also made many collaborations and new friendships. Another goal was to blend together 2 alternative currents that are often divided: bands (live) and electronic (producers), because we believe music knows no limits or boundaries and for a smart man, even mosquito is music. We managed to gather around artists from all over ex-Yugoslavia! As far as genres are concerned, the compilation is very diverse and we can say its main theme is schizophrenia :). Most of the songs are exclusively made for this compilation, and none of them were previously published. We give you this compilation for free, and in return you can share it with your friends. :). 

Bless, BPR HQ" 

We participated with track "Phantom of Liberty".
Free download [HERE]

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glitch Pieces tape is OUT NOW!

"Glitch - an error or malfunction. A glitch tends to be a small error that can affect an entire process from running smoothly or efficiently."

click on the image to see full size picture
Finally, a year after recording this the tape is out! Now we can say it was worth waiting for, cause Centipede Farm did awesome job with this. We'll let you read their announcement of this release. Beside tape, you can download this as "name your price" at their bandcamp profile.
click on the image to see the front/back cover of the tape
"THIRD I “GLITCH PIECES” C-20 / Serbia sports a fascinating noise scene and Third I stand out for having done everything from dark ambient to drone to harsh noise to improvisation, each release a concept of its own and all highly recommendable. “Glitch Pieces” is 14 unique short, high-energy pieces of glitchy, squiggly electronics and static. A seriously fun listen." You can order tape for $4 at their website.For tracks from this tape Cesar Naves is doing videos. He did 10 videos at the moment. Feel free to watch them HERE.

U Srbiji i Ex YU kasetu možete nabaviti direktno od nas!
released 10 April 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

V​/​A - Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol. 2

Collection of various experimental one minute sounds made by 40 artists from all over the world. 
We participated with track "Glitch Piece 01".
Download for free [HERE].

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

V​/​A - Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol. 1

Collection of various experimental one minute sounds made by 18 artists from all over the world. 
We participated with track "Postindustrial Evening".
Download for free [HERE].

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Third I / Scissor review in Obskure Pandemonium Webzine


I) THIRD I-THE BIRDS: Static and Nature.Noize and "Beauty".Harsh high end howls of birds and feedback that seem to blend together as one. There is an odd ambience here, like the kind of ambience created by crickets at night.Piercing ringing feedback rises and falls.Sounds not found anywhere in nature peak through for moments and vanish.Sounds like a noize/ambient track recorded in a rain forest with minimal technology and the batteries are dying.Strange sounds along with the wall of birds and crickets continue mixed with crackling static.The noize effects almost sound like wooden flutes at times giving this more of a primal feel.Makes me imagine cavemen making first contact with alien life.I wouldn't call this "Harsh Noize" but the production gives it a Harsh feel.At times it is almost painful w/ such high ringing walls of sound.Static effects whirl and crackle more towards the end obscuring the sounds of nature. In the end noize wins and nature is no more. 

II) SCISSOR-COIL: Scissors contribution to this short split is a little more harsher.Static forms a pulse and rythym along with clicks and strange sounds.An air-raid signal goes off and becomes a fragmented drone adding more to the pulse of the track. Becoming more distorted and glitched as it goes on until it becomes a myriad of harsh noize.The pulse stops.The air-raid warning continues and is invaded by various electronic noize and grinding.The coils are turning.Evolving.Breeding.Giving birth to more machines each with a tone of their own.Another pulse is born and rumbles through then breaks.Crunching distorted noize.Oldschool video game-like effect and electronic fuckery.This is much more diverse than the THIRD I side of the split.Walls of noize and various manipulated frequencies.Almost sounding angry at times.The coils of the machinery engulfing any who ventured this far into the realms of underground electronics.It all begins to wind down and back up again. Coils constricting the listener.High pitched noize layers ring out and compete with one another Joined by "drums" or rather a plodding of some sort.Bubbling attacks of razor sharp sound.This is not the harshest noize projekt around by any measure but there is something challenging about all the drilling,pulsing analog soundscapes that SCISSOR presents us with.Low pummel. Distorted drones.Noize torture.Then the coils slowly unwind to silence. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Third I / Scissor split OUT NOW!

It is our pleasure to announce that our track from 2010., "The Birds" that was released as net-only release is now available on CDr. We joined forces with Australian act Scissor. Blake made his track that perfectly fits ambient noises we made on this track. The final result is this compact release.

CDr is released by Australian label Smell the Stench. You can get it at
Ako ste iz zemalja bivše Jugoslavije, disk možete nabaviti direktno od nas. Javite se na

At the end, feel free to read review of this release (in Serbo-Croatian) here.

Click on the image to enlarge

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Okoštavanje Zvuka review in Kepeš Ifjušag

This is review from Hungarian magazine "Kepeš Ifjušag" that is published in Serbia. The interesting thing is that review is more in a form of an essay. 
Click on the image to read in Hungarian. Version in Serbian is below.

Click on image to enlarge

Third I – Okoštavanje zvuka (2012)
Human Cross Records

I nije bilo tako davno kada smo još slobodno mogli uživati u zvukovima cvrkuta ptica, u muzici vetrova, u brujanju lišća na drvetu, u osvežavajućoj buci pljuštanja kiše i u tišini intimnosti belih zimskih meseci - kada je još čovek mogao uživati u harmoniji zvukova prirode kao u nekakvoj prirodnoj muzici koja je ispunjavala njegovo okruženje. Pa je sav taj svet prirodnih zvukova promenila Mašinerija, koja je donela svoj zvuk sa sobom: buku
Ovaj uvod sam naveo po PDF-prilogu ovog Third I izdanja, a sve ovo se može pročitati malo opširnije i u pratećem materijalu uz virtualno izdanje ovog albuma.

Okoštavanje zvuka. Već je sam naziv pun pogodak i tačno odražava zvuk izdanja. Ceo album se sastoji od jedne numere, koja zvuči upravo tako kako je grupa i definisala u nazivu: tačno čujemo takoreći odvijanje okoštavanja, učvršćivanje zvuka koji postaje tvrd, statičan, čim se ubaci CD na slušanje.

U osnovi se radi o jednom industrialnom, ambientalnom, drone izdanju, koji se po tome razlikuje od dosadašnjih albuma ovog dua - na kojima se uglavnom mogu čuti po minutaži nekoliko-minutne, najčešće industrialne, experimentalne, noise kompozicije. Sama traka je verovatno dobila ovakav finalan zvuk propuštanjem kroz nekoliko audioefekata. Najviše izdanja koja su stilski slična ovome se prave upravo na ovaj ili sličan način svugde po svetu u malim, privatnim, „underground”, mobilnim i sličnim studijima, što nije ništa novo, međutim i mimo navedenog, ovde je stvarno reč o jednom jedinstvenom albumu.        

Izdanje je interesantno jer - i pored toga što prati tu datu industrijalnu, noise-strukturu - celo izdanje možemo protumačiti kao jedno osnovno pitanje o samoj suštini buke. Izdanje postavlja pitanje samom slušaocu, njegovom odnosu prema buci kao takvoj i prema nojzu kao muzici. Celo izdanje koliko je jedna “pesma”, toliko je i jedno veliko pitanje. I to pitanje, koja dosegne do srži (kosti/”okoštavanje!”): šta je ustvari ova cela priča koja je počela u 60-im i 70-im godinama prošlog veka (da se ne vratimo do 1910-ih), i šta je to što od tada svi nazivamo (prilično maglovito) noise muzikom? Šta se sve možemo nazvati muzikom danas? I da li je to uostalom još uvek muzika? Ako jeste, onda po kom smislu je možemo smatrati muzikom? I na kraju, iako već znamo posle Kejdža (čiju je legendarnu tišinu nedavno obradio i Third I), da ovo i jeste jedna vrsta muzike, ali ako pretpostavimo da nije, onda šta je to što slušamo? Okoštena muzika? Buka? Ili je možda neka anti-muzika koja je forsirana kao muzika? Pri tom ako pričamo o buci, o buci kao žanru u modernoj muzici, da li ćemo moći da odgovorimo na jednostavno pitanje, šta je ta buka, zbog kojih razloga je nastala…? I tako u nedogled... 

Pitanja bujaju sama, izbijaju jedno iz drugog, generišu se, rađaju u beskrajnom nizu… i po logici jedino sa tezom koju predstavlja Third I možemo zaustaviti ovaj nalet neprestanog bujanja pitanja: sa konceptom na kome leži ceo album. 

Kao booklet uz CD idu dva dupla omota na kojim između ostalih osnovnih informacija (podaci izdavača, adrese na netu, itd.) bend je naznačio jednu rečenicu, koju možemo razumeti kao konkretnu definiciju noise-a ovog muzičkog entiteta (kako oni sami zovu sebe često). Na inače estetski veoma ineresantnom omotu se vidi rentgenski snimak ljudske kičme u igri različitih, prljavo-oker i mračno-zelenih boja, i na dnu jedne od strana omota možemo naći rečenicu koja označava određivanje buke po Third I i glasi ovako: noise is nothing but a sound ossification.

Cela priča u jednoj rečenici. Možemo se složiti sa tim, možemo je osporoti - ali to je to. To je odgovor na sva pitanja. Third I označava tu rečenicu kao neki osnovni odgovor na to šta je ovo opšte razlivajuće, kruto, strano nešto, što je prvo zamenio cvrkut ptica, a posle smo se sprijateljili sa njim pod nazivom „buka”. I grupa oko te teze napravi jednu odličnu dvadeseto-minutnu umetničku „buku” kao ilustraciju iste. I na kraju zadatak ili poenta izdanja je data, cilj je postignut: prinuđivati potencijalnog slušaoca na dalje razmišljanje... šta je u stvari, samom slušaocu, ta „buka” (da li je još muzika ili već nije)...?

Third I je jedna od važnijih grupa u regiji u svom žanru i mislim da je "Okoštavanje zvuka" upravo jedan od njihovih osnovnih albuma koju preporučujem svakom obožavatelju experimentalnog zvuka. Dalje informacije možete naći na sledećim linkovima:



Laslo Lenkeš

Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview for Pobuna Umetnosti (Rebellion of Art) fanzine

The interview was published in third issue of this fanzine. It was done in Serbian. Click on the image for full size or read it below.

THIRD I [ambient / industrial / noise] izraz

„Third I smo 2006. stvorili Peđa i ja (Nenad). Obojica smo želeli da radimo nešto mračniju i eksperimentalniju muziku od one do tada. Third I postao entitet kroz koji ćemo se mi poigravati, i eksperimentisati sa zvukom. Sve vreme Third I sazreva, napreduje, menja se, dobija nova lica i nove izraze... Danas zaista ne bih znao da ti kažem šta je Third I: bend, projekat, kolektiv, performing act,...mi to prosto zovemo entitetom...“
“Ne praviti ovakav zvuk u ovo vreme i ovakvoj zemlji nam je totalno besmisleno...“
(iz intervjua)

Pozdrav Nenade kako život?
Pozdrav Stevo, evo poslednjih godinu i nešto dana je jako dinamično i užurbano obzirom da sam januara meseca ove godine postao tata, tu je jako puno obaveza ali i svakodnevnih radosti . Stalno neka jurnjava pa nema vremena za smaranje i dosadu što je svakako sjajno.

U kojoj meri ti tvoja svakodnevnica dozvoljava da praviš muziku?
Zapravo, svakodnevnica i nove obaveze i nisu puno uticale na produktivnost. Ima tu perioda kada se nema vremena za muziku, ali se često i ugrabi neki trenutak dok svi spavaju. Uglavnom kradem od svog sna. Inspiracije ima uvek i u svakom trenutku za nekoliko narednih izdanja, neke ideje i koncepti čekaju godinama na realizaciju, ali nekada nema ni volje, prosto ne možeš stvarati „na silu“ i forsirati stvari ako želiš da priča ispadne kako treba.

Čime se baviš kad ne praviš muziku ?
Trenutno se najviše bavim ćerkicom :)! Igramo se, glupiramo, uspavljujemo i radujemo zajedno. Osim toga lagano privodim kraju studije medicine i već evo devet ipo godina vodim webzine Helly Cherry (

Sa čime bi uporedio rad sa Third I ? Ko ti je najbliži po zvuku generalno ?
Vidim da nas u recenzijama porede sa Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, Autopsia. Kažem “nas” jer želim da napomenem da smo Third I - Peđa Živanović (poznat po svom radu u Figurative Theatre) i ja. Rećiću ti u svoje ime, a mislim da bi se i Peđa složio samnom...
Iskreno ja nikada ne razmišljam o drugim autorima dok stvaram zvuk, ono što mene vodi je koncept i ideja priče koju želim(o) da ispričam(o). Trudim se da na razne načine dobijem atmoferu koju želim i oko nje gradim priču. Kasnije preslušavanjem skontam da se to može povezati sa tim i tim autorom/bendom. Pomenuti bendovi mi privatno prijaju ali kako Third I zvuk u stvari ne želi granice nekada može zvučati industrial, nekada industrial noise, harsh noise, a nekada kao dark ambient. Poslednje izdanje “Abismo” mene recimo po atmosferi podseća na Lustmord i taj neki dark ambient drone isl... Biće još takvog dark ambienta u narednom periodu a voleo bih i uživo nešto tako da izvedemo jer do sada nismo previše gurali taj zvuk.

Koju opremu koristiš za pravljenje muzike ?
Svašta smo do sada koristili, bukvalno šta nam padne pod ruku, pogotvu kada su koncerti u pitanju. Tu su lap topovi (čuj topovi, kao arsenal), klavijature, gitare, procesori, pedale, razne frulice, usne harmonike, čekić, lanci, selotejp, bilo je bukvalno svega. I hardver i softver…

Kako ti se čini underground na ex-Yu prostorima ?
Ne znam da li se to što ovde imamo može nazvati scenom ali postoje ljudi koji nešto rade. I rade dobro! Generalno to ide nekako u talasima, ne samo na ovoj, već i na drugim scenama (metal, hardcore punk,...), stvori se kritična masa kada se ljudi užele stvaranja, onda se smore, batale to jer nisu dobili ono što su očekivali, ili se povuku na neko vreme dok se opet ne stvori želja za nekim zvukom, sviranjem, dok ne naraste entuzijazam i tako u krug.
Dopada mi se ono što ovde ljudi rade i kako rade generalno. Produkcijski to možda nije na svetskom nivou, nemamo mi ni ta sredstva i tu opremu ali iskreno meni produkcija nikada nije bila bitna. Ja nemam problem da odslušam ni najamaterskiji „fruti“ projekat koji ima dušu, ni otkucan bubanj za grajndkor bend i štatijaznam.

Ono što po meni fali je konkretna saradnja, malo manje sujete, a više solidarnosti. Danas u eri interneta lako je uspostaviti kontakte ali nekako kao da na tome i ostane. Sem nekih online kolaboracija retko dolazi do živih nastupa i konkretnije saradnje, međusobne podrške isl. Pre par godine Dark Scene kolektiv je lepo krenuo sa održavanjem koncerata i mini festivala i u kratkom periodu se desilo zaista dosta bitnih dešavanja. Atmosfera je baš bila dobra i sam osećaj da se nešto tako dešava. Onda je nekako to lagano splaslo, neki ljudi su sad i manje aktivni ali DS gura i dalje s vremena na vreme bude neki mini fest. Sada je naišao neki novi talas u vidu asocijacije Underground Alliance koja obećava, a ovih dana (oktobar je mesec) se dešavaju i konkretne akcije u vidu organizacije koncerata, festivala isl. Eto, to kontam da nam fali, da ja tebi organizujem koncertu u mom mestu, budeš moj gost, a onda mi ti uzvratiš istom merom. Konkretno i bez puno filozofije i eto andergraund bi nam bio puno jači a sviralo bi se puno više.

Nekako kontam da su se ljudi već i možda smorili neta, žele da vide/čuju nešto uživo, pogotovu u malim mestima.
Cover of the fanzine
Koliko često nastupaš uživo ?
U periodu od 2008. do 2010. smo odsvirali 14 koncerata ako se ne varam. Posle je Peđa postao tata, a evo sada i ja pa će nastupi malo sačekati. U privatnoj priči se zezamo da smo na “porodiljskom bolovanju”. :)

Koji ti je nastup najviše ostao u sećanju ?
Znam da će zvučati kao kliše ali se ja sećam svakog koncerta. Svaki je imao neku svoju draž iz više razloga.

Prvo, uvek su to bila neka drugačija mesta, čak i kad smo svirali u istom gradu pa je svako to mesto nosilo neki svoj duh i bilo inspirativno na svoj način.

Drugo, ljudi su uvek bili ok, raspoloženi da čuju šta i kako mi to sviramo. Iskreno nisam očekivao tako dobar fidbek ali mi je prijalo saznanje da u celoj priči nismo sami i da to što radimo nekim ljudma zaista znači. Meni je recimo u “Dangubi” prišao momak iz Čačka i rekao da je došao zbog nas. Drugi momak je zbog nas došao iz Novog Bečeja u Novi Sad. Takve stvari moraš da poštuješ a neverovatno te ispune. Treći momak nas je prvi put čuo i sredio nam sledeću svirku u svom gradu...

Treće, tu su uvek neke nepredviđene situacije gde bismo u trenutku skrenuli u neku drugu stranu na nastupu totalno spontano pa je tako svaki koncert nastup za sebe, pa i kad sviramo iste stvari, ne sviramo ih na isti način i uvek zvuče drugačije...

Četvrto, neretko u svojim nastupima uključujemo publiku pa se eto u Nišu na jednom od koncerata desilo da smo joj prepustili binu u potpunosti a mi sišli dole...

Sve te stvari čine ove koncerte nezaboravnim

Ima li razlike, po tebi, između svetskog undergrounda i balkanskog ?
Na zapadu je bolji standard pa oni sebi mogu da priušte možda neke stvari koje mi sebi ovde ne možemo. Tipa, oni mogu da odu na neku turneju i koliko toliko budu na nuli,... To bi možda mogli i mi, ali mi ne možemo skupiti novce ni da pođemo na takav put. Eto, novac može da čini tu neku razliku...

U kom pravcu bi trebao underground na Balkanu da ide kako bi se za njega više čulo ?
Mislim da bi andergraund trebalo da bude SVOJ. Ne vidim potrebu da kopiramo strane bendove/autore jer ih na zapadu ima toliko, pogotovu danas. Mislim da možemo da im prodamo svoju “posebnost”, nešto što nas izdvaja od drugih, nešto zbog čega bi bili “egzotični” i samim tim zanimljivi. Da li je to pevanje na maternjem jeziku, ili teme kojima se bavimo ili nešto treće... Pokazalo se da jezik ne mora da bude tolika barijera. Jesu oni sa zapada malo lenji i razmaženi ali kontam da su se i oni smorili istih bendova ili bendova na isti kalup...

Nešto za kraj ?
Na kraju bih želeo da ti se u svoje i Peđino ime zahvalim na prilici da se predstavimo u vašem fanzinu. Ako vas je zaniteresovalo ono što radimo slobodno nam se javite. Više informacijama imate na , i .


Thursday, March 21, 2013


We're happy to announce we'll be playing our next gig on 30th of march, after two and a half year of pause. We'll have some releases for sell/trade. Here's a link to facebook event. CANCELED due to some legal issues of the club.

Friday, February 1, 2013 2012. top list

Once again, web magazine "Plastelin" published their annual list of best releases in 2012. There are several categories and Third I was on list of best EP releases. Here is a list, and complete report you can find here.

exYU TOP 13 na 12" 2012. (EP)

01. Bag of dicks - S/T
01. Galatheia - All we ever wanted was everything
01. Thank you Baudlaire - Racing raindrops
04. VVhile - VVhile is vanity
05. Third I - Reaching toward the light
06. Katon 6 - Žimi krs' ne sum našmrkan
07. Le Chocolat noir - Way out
08. Halftones - S/T
09. Tough guys of America - S/T
10. Foolish green - Sun is gone
11. Supersoul connection - The Key/La Cle
12. In the go - Silent part of talking loud
13. Bukowski - Čekajući tebe

Branislav Nikolić

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Reaching Toward The Light" review on Suave Citation

Man, don’t you just hate it when you get all trapped up in some dank ass cavern? That shit sucks. But on the plus side, while you wait for your rescue team to lift you out in an uncomfortable harness that totally squeezes on your junk, zoning out to the ambient sounds of the unseen world around you is rad. That’s kind of what you get Third I’s Reaching Toward the Light. Broken up into two ten minute drones, this release guides you into the deep with the first track Nihilthrone and back out again with the title track Reaching Toward the Light. Throughout both tracks is some verbed out pings and pangs simulating the dripping of water from stalactites all around you while slow synthy sweeps work the low end and fill the void. The difference in the two is that Nihilthrone has a substantially darker tone, taking you into the abyss you find yourself in, while Reaching Toward the Light is the jam with a much more hopeful tone, like you’re being led out of said abyss. If you’re looking for something new to space out to, this is your ticket. No new ground is being broken here, but that’s not always a bad thing if you just want to get your drone on. 
Unfortunately I don’t have the physical copy on hand, but you can get it or download it from Darker Days Ahead. If you come out of Reaching Toward the Light wanting more, the “prequel” to this release is also available on CD through Vomit Bucket. - 

Patrick McBratney

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VA Necktar 2017 Vol. 5 - ARTIFICIAL / Fusion / NATURAL : UNION is out

Necktar 2017 is special serial of compilations. Every volume is collected during a one year period and the results are this massive compilations. This is Volume 5 (duration 15 hours!), and whole Necktar project will stop in 2017. 

Here are links to:

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Reaching Toward The Light" review on Yeah, I Know it Sucks

Artist: THIRD I 
Title: Reaching Toward The Light 
Cat: DDA:09 
Format: Tape / CD / free download 
Keywords: dark ambient, drone 
Label: Daker Days Ahead 

The THIRD I delivers a track called ‘Nihilthrone’. It rumbles inside your ears with the vibrant low sounds that illustrates the walls of some kind of contemporary cave of audio. Inside this dark cave we can hear tones singing through its maze. The sounds of water drops dripping from the ceiling are turning this seemingly dark place in a musical piece that is not at all uncomfortable. 

‘Reaching Toward The Light’ makes my ears think of being in the cave and seeing an exit way above me. A hole in the cave where the light shines through but too high up too reach and impossible to climb up too. The music got a feeling of acceptance to it and in my imaginary world I imagine being stuck in this cave for many days without food or any hope for help to get out of there. The light that shines through and the birds that can be heard echo-in through it, creates an state of mind that is knowing that there is nothing we can do than just lay down on the rocky bottom and listen to these sounds while we basically die of starvation and loneliness. It sounds perhaps a little too sad, but in reality I think the music is pretty relaxed and with this on my ears I wouldn’t mind to die in a cave.. 

No cave around? No worries as playing this release and closing your eyes and opening the third one, should be definitely enough to time travel to this specific moment in time and space. You can find it and more information at the link below:

Human Cross Records announced new batch

Our label announced new batch of releases that will be out in a month or so. Click on the image for more info (and to see full size), or visit HCR website

Sunday, January 13, 2013

V​A The Shuffle Project Volume 1

Here's labels introduction to this project: "This track is made out of 83 sound snippets that i received from 83 artists/projects. Each snippet has a length of approximate 15 seconds. The snippets were composed with the help of the shuffle mode and the fade-function of a dj-software. The finished track was mastered with the help of a 1/4" reel-to-reel tape recorder.
Bonus track: 83 sound snippets used for "The Shuffle Project Volume 1" played at once."

Download at

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Abismo" review in Noise Muzak Review

This composition, yes, that’s what it is, spreads itself over 31 minutes and casts a sincere depressive cloud over the listener for the duration. Bleak horizons are never reached within the albums scope, you are left helpless in limbo, any breaks in the modulation of the synth only raises you higher than the most minimal notions of coma. As the tune floods the trenches you are just a depiction rather than a listener, there are few variations, few movements to make, this sleepy composition will leave you in limbo, unmoving, drown in the minimal watery accumulation, your pox has weighed you down in the lake, all movements are as futile as the class from which you seek to leave. At your lowest depth the ringing of the distance comes over in droves. An album that washes over you, drags you back into the ocean, depleted of energy and need, the ambient ringing droning in your ears as your lungs pump gets overthrown by an intake of salt. 

New video for "Insomnia of Industrial Men"

Let us present you our brand new video for track "Insomnia of Industrial Men". Cold, "meditative", hypnotic, mechanic are just few words that can describe this track and video. It was done by Vladimir Popović from label Black Planet Records and we send big massive thanks to them.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Now, here’s something really special – directory to almost all of compilations we participated. Over 40 releases (!!!) and over 5 GB of download material. Think of it as a crossroad to extremely wide worlds of industrial, noise, drone and dark ambient. We’re sure you’ll find something for yourself from totally unknown to some important artists from this part of underground. Feel free to share and spread as much as you like.