Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our next upcoming release is "Industrial Syndrone" - collaboration with Raven

"Industrial Syndrone" will be officialy released on 7th of September on tape/download and CDr format. 
For fans of heavy industrial drone noises.

Tape will be released by Cruel Nature Records and they are already done and available to pre-order. Here's a few words from our label: THIRD I / RAVEN - 'Industrial Syndrone' C20 - an immense work of industrial noise-drone from two of Serbia's long-standing acclaimed sound artists
Here's how next CNR batch looks like:

and this is tape version of cover:

click to enlarge
CDr is released by Human Cross Records and this is promo flyer:

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and CD version of the cover:

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Both versions contain back and insert covers as well.
If you want your copy, please contact labels first.
Ljudima iz bivše Jugoslavije izdanje je dostupno direktno preko nas!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Third I on radio show "Elektroda"

Listen to the last episode of radio show "Elektroda" that was originally broadcasted on 5th of August on Radio Srbobran. This episode was dedicated to Underground Alliance collective/label that we are part of. You can hear UA artists and we are presented with track "Electrophobia".