Monday, July 29, 2013

VA The Usual Suspect II is out now

Montfort records & promotion released The Usual Suspect II compilation. We participated with track How Satan gets into Your Head? Thanks to Felix for making this happened.
Download for free HERE

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Glitch Pieces" review on White Noise Dada blog

Album: "Glitch pieces"
Year: 2013
Country: Serbia
Artist: Peda & Nenad
Label: Centipede rec.
Format: Cassette
Tracks: 14
Time: 18:05 minutes
Genre: electronic
Style: Minimal noise
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According to the official bio Third I was created by 2 friends from Serbia in 2006. Since then they has evoluted and experimented always in the lands of the glitch / noise sounds and also a little influences of others styles such as: ambient, drone, musique concrète or field recordings too. They edited their stuff almost always in format cassette, with acurate, awesome, amazing and colorfull artworks in their own label "centipede records". I think the "music" of Third I is characterized first of all for these very little noises presents in all tracks. Because this miniscules noises, errors, mistakes or dissonances, we call this style as a minimal noise or glitch noise. It´s a sort of noise that doesn´t give a bad, violent, agressive and negative impression like death industrial bands at all, but a kind of funny, positive, optimistic and almost childish. I ignore if these 2 artists use circuit bending but the majority of sounds remembers it a lot. There are many different sorts of noises, sounds, effects and ambients, but all of them have the common characteristic: little, miniscule, small, minor, slight, short... all the adjectives to describe the opposite of big, hard and saturated. So if you are searching for harsh, hnw or something like that this not your disc. But if you like the experimental, radio noise, sound collage, minimal, glitch, consola game and weirdos... this is for you. Me... I have no doubt at all.... MINIMAL NOISE


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Our friend Leigh Stench of worldwide well known "Smell the Stench" label with some of our releases! Enjoy mate! :)