Sunday, October 28, 2012

VA The World is Remixed

Instead of us, we'll let the label speak for it self: "Several months ago, ''The World is Flat'' was released on Underground Alliance Records, and now it's time for the ''Remixes'' compilation. Couple-of-remixes idea became an LP. The important thing is that the most crucial Serbian underground names can be found on the tracklist. Also, there were no multitracks for remixers, as this was an live session in original (you can check it as bonus tracks) so that means these are plain remixes too - you could do your own if you wanted! So this is what makes this compilation different, we made everything out of nothing. 

BLACK PLANET proudly presents serious candidate for Serbian album of the year, dark serbia united, rebuilding the underground! Diverse - From sounds of post-apocalyptic remnants of consumerism to gentle pianos! Be sure to check it out in its entirety!"

Our contribution was "Is there a pilot in the Plain" track and you can hear it below.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitch Pieces

"Glitch Piceces" is EP containing 14 glitchy digital harsh noise tracks. When EP was finished we asked our friend Cesar Naves to do video for one of the pieces. Soon, "Glitch Piece 01" was there, and few weeks later video for "Glitch Piece 02" too. We liked the idea working together and we wanted to give new dimensions to these tracks and present "Glitch Pieces" as audio/video project. On this page we will continue adding videos from this EP.
You can see the rest of Cesar videos at

Glitch Piece 14

Glitch Piece 13

Glitch Piece 12

Glitch Piece 11

Glitch Piece 10

Glitch Piece 09

Glitch Piece 08

Glitch Piece 07

Glitch Piece 06

Glitch Piece 05

Glitch Piece 04

Glitch Piece 03

Glitch Piece 02

Glitch Piece 01

VA Spooky Sounds From Underground

This album is a compilation consisting of Halloween themed music from around the world. Bone chilling screams, tales of madmen, and all around spooky sounds! 33 tracks! Clocking in just shy of two hours!!!

FREE DOWNLOAD at ! We contributed track "Arrival" and you can hear it below.

Here's a complete tracklist:
1.Durastatic - Bone Chill Thrill 05:00
2.The Noisettes - Seeking Shelter in The House of Lenticular Sound 04:08
3.T.R.I.v.M. - Creepia 03:29
4.To-Bo - Süßes oder Saures 04:19
5.Toxic Chicken - Psychodad's Memo 03:26
6.Wayne Mason - Swallow The Dead 02:36
7.Cursed Circuits - Phantom Dreams 05:45
8.Subversive Intentions - Moshannon Direct Action Nightmare 05:00
9.Harry Cloud - cocka poo poo head 04:04
10.Meatballmachine - We Keep The Meat In Here 02:40
11.Third I - Arrival 01:28 
12.Ike Stirner - Chasing Spirits 03:24
13.The Implicit Order - The Lighthouse 03:21
14.Oblongata - Pusillanimous 02:29
15.Vziel Projet - From Inside The Pumpkin Of Samhain 02:35
16.Otolathe - Gangrene O'Lantern 02:27
17.Oli Hemingway - Overdrive '70 03:54
18.Arvo Zylo - Upheaval 04:44
19.Elvirus / Jack Hertz - Jack-O-Lantern 05:00
20.Arcane Waves & Jihel - Electric Nightmare 03:00
21.Mirework - Death Aesthetic 04:00
22.Vasectomy Party - They're Coming For Your Kids 04:37
23.Catgirl Scars Kaelteeinbruch - Nightmare In Tokyo 04:29
24.Seiei Jack - Kill The Bitch 2 02:53
25.Young Egypt - 47 Premonitions 03:20
26.James A. Roberson - Madmen Know Nothing 02:32
27.Lezet - A Halloween Carol 02:14
28.loopool - Eat The Martyrs 03:38
30.DJ Hollow Life - Ghosts Only Know Morse Code 04:36
31.Haunted Hollis Smith - Runnin' With The Wolves Tonight 02:50
32.Nequam Sonitus - OH NO! IT'S A GRAVE! Spooky Horror Scarry Terror Remix 04:57
33.Whitey Alabastard - You Calling Me A Spook? 05:36

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Third I : Experience

New established net label Dead Tones asked us to put-out release that represents retrospective of our work so far. We liked the idea so we picked up 27 tracks that show variety of our sound / noise. And here it is, for your pleasure and free download.

A word from a label: "In 2006. Nenad and Peđa wanted to create music with dark sense and experimental approach. They wanted to push and expand limits of sound / noise. So Third I became entity which they use to play,  experiment and provoke. All this years Third I is changing, progressing, getting new faces and new expressions… This retrospective is part of their six years experience, and it will give you nice insight of their work."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drone Chronicles Part 3 Summer 2012

Name: Drone Chronicles Part 3 Summer Mix
Release Date: 13-10-2011
Style: Drone, Dark Ambient
Label: RusZUD Net Label
Format: Free Net-release (MP3/ Mix)

01 Maya & Bardoseneticcube - VI
02 THIRD I - Reaching Toward The Light 
03 SiJ - Fragments Of Memories
04 Ego Ex Nihil - Menjikkan
05 Ego Ex Nihil - Volume 81
06 AAGSF - MDTON ( Yesteryear )

Download release:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

VA Emotive

It's time for new compilation appearance. This time we contributed two tracks with note to the editor to choose whatever track he likes. He choose both, "Hunger" and "Fear". And now, here's a few words of label...

Emotive is a double album / long play compilation of experimental sound, noise, and ambient works by friends of Galactic Intolerance Records. Each track is themed and titled with the inspiration of various emotive concepts. Name your price at

1. Kevin Bosman - Boredom
2. Aimmar Cair - Ambivalence
3. Carl Kruger - Pensiveness
4. THIRD I - Hunger
5. Carrion Black Pit - Apathy
6. Integrated Circuit - Fear
7. Cyanide Steve Mischler - Pride
8. Loopool - Brooding
9. Aimmar Cair - Determined
10. My Cousin Mel - Anxious
11.Deer - The Feeling You Get When You're By The Cape

1. Yangu Ravu - Lovestruck
2. Vziel Project - Annoyed
3. Kirk Markarian - Wonderful
4. THIRD I - Ctpax (fear)
5. John Magill - Pensive
6. Aimmar Cair - Panic
7. Hannya Shingyo
8. The Smudge - Anger
9. Molly Ringworm - Regret and Loss
10. Bucko Crooks - Happy (on the streets of New York City)
11. Sleep Of Ages - Saudade

released 09 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Guitar of our friend Archangel Tyriel with Third I sticker on it.