Thursday, March 29, 2012

VA Shit Noise Records # 18

Label: Shit Noise Records – SNR 220
Format: CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 29 Mar 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise
1 Catgirl – Vampire
2 Sascha Müller – Raumschnitt
3 To-Bo – Toro Seduto
4 Projekt666:Satanoise – Say No To Melodies
5 M.S.P., The – Fucking Whore
6 Third I – Horse Gives Birth To A Fly
7 Ataraxy – Fragmented Thoughts
8 RedSK – Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Parts 1-3
9 Exclamation Point – Powerful Vomit
10 Merzweed – Legalized It - Live @ Gedung Gajah - Jakarta ,Indonesia
11 Eugenoise – The Crossing Of The Capibara - Part 1
12 Mince Splatters – The Cliff Effect
13 Problem Anderer Leute – Sichtbeton
14 Soma (11) – Cream
15 Painburn – Killer At Work
16 Dao De Noize – Static Self-killing Of Lorenzo Nascitari
17 Das Gonob Quasiforma – Discontentment
18 Kaelteeinbruch – Three Little Piggies At War
Limited to 33 copies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sound Ossification review by Deadtones

THIRD I – Okoštavanje Zvuka CD (Human Cross Records)

Third I are longstanding industrial noise duo hailing from Ćuprija, small town located in northeast part of Serbia, Europe.
They started their career back in 2005. with brilliant debut called Echoes EP which you can download from their blog, alongside with the rest of their discography full of full-lenghts, EP’s, compilations, collaborations and split releases with handfull of artists such as Mein Kinder, The Apex, Endless Conflict, Oil, Erekta, Bolest Evropa, Raven…etc.
”Okoštavanje Zvuka” (Ossification Of Sound) is their 21st release and it brings a really good form consisted of industial ambiences, noises & drones packed in a self-titled 21 minute track. At the begining ot the composition, you may hear complexity of the mulitiple layers of noises, which will remind you of some kind of asemblage of a newborn machine. These track will guide you through the storm of the compact and well produced ambiences which are slightly hearable in the background of the track, but on the other hand, clearable enough to express darkness of the whole composition. Predrag & Nenad took the advantage of their longtime experience of producing & listening to this genre and transform it into something fresh and new by giving the whole new meaning to the experimentation on the analog and digital level. I’m pretty sure that they work on some new material nowadays and I hope to hear more out them in the not so distant future.
”Okoštavanje Zvuka” comes with brilliant full colour cover artwork made by Dragomir Križić. Artwork consist of well combine of X-ray shoots of human torso & spine painted in mixture of light brown & gray tones. Also, there are basic infos about Third I & Human Cross Records, record label responsible for this release. Human Cross Records is product of Neue:Urform art squad for audio & visual media based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, run by Dragomir Križić itself.



More info about release HERE