Sunday, December 30, 2012

EP “Reaching Toward the Light” rereleased

EP “Reaching Toward the Light” was rereleased as a part of 4way split “Winterkaelte” (Wintercold). We shared cd with To-Bo, Dolorism and Liliuminarium. Order at or if you are from Serbia order from us directly. Our part of split you can download at

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abismo is OUT NOW!

"Abismo" is deep atmospheric dark ambient half an hour dronescape journey into the depths of (your own) Abyss. It is prequel of the story we told on "Reaching Toward the Light" EP.
CDr comes with black-on-yellow 2-page cover and insert. Limited to 30 hand numbered copies. Order directly from label Vomit Bucket Productions.
Listen to excerpt VBP 124 - Third I "Abismo" CD-R (excerpt).
Click on image to see larger.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise #1

Mix of tracks from various members of the facebook Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise. Celebrate electronic noise & homemade experimentalism! We appeared with "Postindustrial Times" track. Download for free at download for free at

Sunday, October 28, 2012

VA The World is Remixed

Instead of us, we'll let the label speak for it self: "Several months ago, ''The World is Flat'' was released on Underground Alliance Records, and now it's time for the ''Remixes'' compilation. Couple-of-remixes idea became an LP. The important thing is that the most crucial Serbian underground names can be found on the tracklist. Also, there were no multitracks for remixers, as this was an live session in original (you can check it as bonus tracks) so that means these are plain remixes too - you could do your own if you wanted! So this is what makes this compilation different, we made everything out of nothing. 

BLACK PLANET proudly presents serious candidate for Serbian album of the year, dark serbia united, rebuilding the underground! Diverse - From sounds of post-apocalyptic remnants of consumerism to gentle pianos! Be sure to check it out in its entirety!"

Our contribution was "Is there a pilot in the Plain" track and you can hear it below.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitch Pieces

"Glitch Piceces" is EP containing 14 glitchy digital harsh noise tracks. When EP was finished we asked our friend Cesar Naves to do video for one of the pieces. Soon, "Glitch Piece 01" was there, and few weeks later video for "Glitch Piece 02" too. We liked the idea working together and we wanted to give new dimensions to these tracks and present "Glitch Pieces" as audio/video project. On this page we will continue adding videos from this EP.
You can see the rest of Cesar videos at

Glitch Piece 14

Glitch Piece 13

Glitch Piece 12

Glitch Piece 11

Glitch Piece 10

Glitch Piece 09

Glitch Piece 08

Glitch Piece 07

Glitch Piece 06

Glitch Piece 05

Glitch Piece 04

Glitch Piece 03

Glitch Piece 02

Glitch Piece 01

VA Spooky Sounds From Underground

This album is a compilation consisting of Halloween themed music from around the world. Bone chilling screams, tales of madmen, and all around spooky sounds! 33 tracks! Clocking in just shy of two hours!!!

FREE DOWNLOAD at ! We contributed track "Arrival" and you can hear it below.

Here's a complete tracklist:
1.Durastatic - Bone Chill Thrill 05:00
2.The Noisettes - Seeking Shelter in The House of Lenticular Sound 04:08
3.T.R.I.v.M. - Creepia 03:29
4.To-Bo - Süßes oder Saures 04:19
5.Toxic Chicken - Psychodad's Memo 03:26
6.Wayne Mason - Swallow The Dead 02:36
7.Cursed Circuits - Phantom Dreams 05:45
8.Subversive Intentions - Moshannon Direct Action Nightmare 05:00
9.Harry Cloud - cocka poo poo head 04:04
10.Meatballmachine - We Keep The Meat In Here 02:40
11.Third I - Arrival 01:28 
12.Ike Stirner - Chasing Spirits 03:24
13.The Implicit Order - The Lighthouse 03:21
14.Oblongata - Pusillanimous 02:29
15.Vziel Projet - From Inside The Pumpkin Of Samhain 02:35
16.Otolathe - Gangrene O'Lantern 02:27
17.Oli Hemingway - Overdrive '70 03:54
18.Arvo Zylo - Upheaval 04:44
19.Elvirus / Jack Hertz - Jack-O-Lantern 05:00
20.Arcane Waves & Jihel - Electric Nightmare 03:00
21.Mirework - Death Aesthetic 04:00
22.Vasectomy Party - They're Coming For Your Kids 04:37
23.Catgirl Scars Kaelteeinbruch - Nightmare In Tokyo 04:29
24.Seiei Jack - Kill The Bitch 2 02:53
25.Young Egypt - 47 Premonitions 03:20
26.James A. Roberson - Madmen Know Nothing 02:32
27.Lezet - A Halloween Carol 02:14
28.loopool - Eat The Martyrs 03:38
30.DJ Hollow Life - Ghosts Only Know Morse Code 04:36
31.Haunted Hollis Smith - Runnin' With The Wolves Tonight 02:50
32.Nequam Sonitus - OH NO! IT'S A GRAVE! Spooky Horror Scarry Terror Remix 04:57
33.Whitey Alabastard - You Calling Me A Spook? 05:36

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Third I : Experience

New established net label Dead Tones asked us to put-out release that represents retrospective of our work so far. We liked the idea so we picked up 27 tracks that show variety of our sound / noise. And here it is, for your pleasure and free download.

A word from a label: "In 2006. Nenad and Peđa wanted to create music with dark sense and experimental approach. They wanted to push and expand limits of sound / noise. So Third I became entity which they use to play,  experiment and provoke. All this years Third I is changing, progressing, getting new faces and new expressions… This retrospective is part of their six years experience, and it will give you nice insight of their work."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drone Chronicles Part 3 Summer 2012

Name: Drone Chronicles Part 3 Summer Mix
Release Date: 13-10-2011
Style: Drone, Dark Ambient
Label: RusZUD Net Label
Format: Free Net-release (MP3/ Mix)

01 Maya & Bardoseneticcube - VI
02 THIRD I - Reaching Toward The Light 
03 SiJ - Fragments Of Memories
04 Ego Ex Nihil - Menjikkan
05 Ego Ex Nihil - Volume 81
06 AAGSF - MDTON ( Yesteryear )

Download release:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

VA Emotive

It's time for new compilation appearance. This time we contributed two tracks with note to the editor to choose whatever track he likes. He choose both, "Hunger" and "Fear". And now, here's a few words of label...

Emotive is a double album / long play compilation of experimental sound, noise, and ambient works by friends of Galactic Intolerance Records. Each track is themed and titled with the inspiration of various emotive concepts. Name your price at

1. Kevin Bosman - Boredom
2. Aimmar Cair - Ambivalence
3. Carl Kruger - Pensiveness
4. THIRD I - Hunger
5. Carrion Black Pit - Apathy
6. Integrated Circuit - Fear
7. Cyanide Steve Mischler - Pride
8. Loopool - Brooding
9. Aimmar Cair - Determined
10. My Cousin Mel - Anxious
11.Deer - The Feeling You Get When You're By The Cape

1. Yangu Ravu - Lovestruck
2. Vziel Project - Annoyed
3. Kirk Markarian - Wonderful
4. THIRD I - Ctpax (fear)
5. John Magill - Pensive
6. Aimmar Cair - Panic
7. Hannya Shingyo
8. The Smudge - Anger
9. Molly Ringworm - Regret and Loss
10. Bucko Crooks - Happy (on the streets of New York City)
11. Sleep Of Ages - Saudade

released 09 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Guitar of our friend Archangel Tyriel with Third I sticker on it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is Ilija Petar, our youngest fan and friend. He is a son of our friend Horvi who supported us from the very first days of our noising. Horvi played Third I's tracks to Ilija since he was born literally, and we are very proud and thankful to have them both with us!

With this picture Horvi explains and quotes Ilija Petar (in serbo-croatian): "Moj prekrasni klinac sa nepune 3 godine komentira: Kraftwerk su zakon, hvala ti tata što si mi pokazao ovaj odličan bend, još kao bebu si me napadao s tim Švabama i srpskim Third I, ti mora da si totalni luðak i ponositi ću se s tobom."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reaching Toward the Light for free download

Reaching Toward the Light was released on September 19th on Underground Alliance net label & collective. You can download for free [HERE]. More information about the release you will find [HERE]
Below you will find video announcement of UA.


Our friend Leigh Stench of worldwide well known "Smell the Stench" label!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reaching Toward the Light review on

"Reaching Toward The Light" je jedan od do sada najneprohodnijih i najhermetičnijih radova Third I. Duboko je sofisticiran i povučen u samotnu autorsku intimu. 

Genijalac nije biti lako sudeći po ovome radu. Third I evo već sedmu godinu za redom neprekidno održavaju kreativni tok s barem dva izdanja godišnje doguravši do svojeg 22. rada koji je ovaj puta EP ili skraćeni mini album od 20 minuta pakiran isključivo na audio kaseti. Samo dvije instrumentalne drone kompozicije "Nihilthrone" i "Reaching toward the light" i to je to. 

Bespotrebno je sada teoretizirati i raspravljati šta, zašto i čemu služi ovakva teška ambijentalna glazba u kojoj se mahom u valovima repetiraju harme synthova, vokalnih nijemih arija i elektronskih procesora kroz prigušene i do bola usporene zvukove noise-harsha. Naizgled, može se steći čak i ugodan dojam mračne atmosfere bez imalo trunke optimizma, no autori su ovdje pribjegli rekapitulaciji vlastite unutarnje borbe sa samima sobom gotovo do mentalne poremećenosti. Onog stanja kada je ego pogođen vanjskim faktorima, kada se razum odvaja od stvarnosti u iracionalnost i podsvjesne nemire, kada nema jasnih razumskih objašnjenja i kada je logika podređena nagonu. 

Zato su u obje kompozicije na valovito periodičku drone-ambient podlogu nanizani sitni staccato tonovi u nepravilnim, neurednim i kaotično nepovezanim sekvencama po dobro znanom pristupu Peter Christophersona. A takve eskapade nije niti najmanje lako odgonetnuti budući da neprekidno traju zajedno s mentalnom borbom u kojoj se postavljaju gomile pitanja na koja se ne otvaraju nikakva riješenja i ne naziru nikakvi konkretni odgovori. 

Šta se točno zbiva u ovom unutarnjem nemiru, vrlo teško je dokučiti. Da li se kova neka osveta, nešto još opakije, ili je pak prikazano ono manično stanje uma kome manjka samo jedan korak do nervnog sloma. Ili nešto drugo? Ali kako god, nikada se ne želimo naći u takvom stanju koje je u životu kad-tad neminovno, a neke pogađa i po više puta uzrokujući stresove, depresije, pa i teška psihička oboljenja. Ovi majstori su upravo takvo stanje svijesti i duha dočarali na sebi svojstven i, reklo bi se, koliko-toliko prepoznatljiv način i tu sad nema šta da se filozofira isto kao i zašto je vajar neku skulpturu napravio čudnovato, van nekakvih konvencija i standarda. Zato jer je tako htio i jer mu tako nalaže kreativan umjetnički duh. 

ocjena albuma [1-10]: 7 
horvi // 03/09/2012

Reaching Toward the Light short review

Dark ambient sounds, low rumbles, wind through distant tunnels, icy synthesizer drips, gorgeously tranquil and desolate. Between these guys and Djordje/Raven and a couple other things I’ve caught wind of here and there, Serbia seems like quite the place these days.

[source] Centipede Farm

Friday, August 17, 2012

Reaching Toward the Light OUT NOW

"To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence"
Arthur Schopenhauer

DDA:09 Third I - Reaching Toward The Light c22
Third I brings you through a state of unconsciousness with this new tape "Reaching Toward The Light". Two long minimal dark ambient tracks on each side drenching you with electronic drips and wet ambience. As you lay in your dark mind, you'll see many visions including the misterous cloud of aurora surrounding your fading soul. 
Released by Darker Days Ahead
Reach tape at: or download for FREE [HERE]. Net version was released by Underground Alliance net label & collective.

At the end, here's what Centipede Farm blog said about this release:
"Dark ambient sounds, low rumbles, wind through distant tunnels, icy synthesizer drips, gorgeously tranquil and desolate. Between these guys and Djordje/Raven and a couple other things I’ve caught wind of here and there, Serbia seems like quite the place these days."
[source] Centipede Farm

VA Compilation Against Censorshit

C-122 cassette comes with mini DIY Booklet with info, writings, list of bands, and a nice sized poster!
Click on image for list of participants and better view.

Friday, July 27, 2012

VA Heaven

This is the first part of Underground Alliance trilogy named "Heaven" . All three parts of the compilation were collected since november 2011 and represent the true richness and diversity of underground and electronics authors from the former Yugoslavia. Trilogy consists form 3 parts (Heaven, Earth and Hell). All three parts were published by the Underground Alliance Records. We participated with track "Reaching Toward the Light".

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VA Underground X​-​treme Part 15 is out now

1.Shaun Robert - four 04:00
2.Extropyate - Skin 02:18
3.Mademoiselle Bistouri - part 2 06:58
4.Mama Baer - Hund Katze Whisper Violence 07:11
5.PHANTASM NOCTURNES - Delighting The Insane 04:16
6.Architeuthis Dux - red in tooth and claw 06:19
7.Amy Weinrausch - Untitled 10:05
8.Tasuketekun - self 03:56
9.Third I - How Satan Gets Into Your Head 02:28 

free download at

Tuesday, July 3, 2012




Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.  Third I participated with track "Threatful Silence".
released 01 July 2012 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Third I played on Harrogate Alternative Radio

on Sunday, 24 June 2012
sounds from inside out - industrial/ambient/experimental show

Track Listing
Tether - 1511
CrepusculaR - Unibombereverbseker I
The Closer Unknown - Astral Zombie
Bird Paradigma - Consignation
Third I - Trinity (Industrial Dub)
Elizabeth Veldon - Fountain 2
The Implicit Order - The Way Home
Edgeist - Dawn
dominator - Terminal 683
Turmoil - Purgatory Pt. 2
Epsilon Eridani - World of the Fourth Sun: Materialism
inside/outside - Pathway Part 7
Chuck Hoffmann - Coffee 2

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A pile of Third I releases

Here's a pile of Third I releases. The owner is Djordje Miladinovic a.k.a. Raven and now he's officialy Third I No.1 fan and friend :). I believe that's almost all we have as physical releases.

Friday, June 15, 2012

VA Divine Penetrations 1 is out now

This compilation shows the diversity in the ambient scene. All the artists here are driven and motivated to put their thoughts through the use of their creativity into sounds...
We participated with track "Reaching Toward the Light". Album is available for download [HERE]. 

Here is full list of the artists: Levy Daal, Ure Thrall, MentalPlastic BodyFiller, Jeanpaul Marie, Geseling, Aderlating, Dark Drone Druids, Manica, Vera Bremerton, Pfp, Masshypnotized, Third I, Coma Centauri, Snowfade, Misantronics, HEXVVII, Aesthetic Meatfront, Hybryds, Akoustik Timbre Frekuentie,Human Nihil, Wolf Engländer, Moonlit Sun/I,Eternal, Kristus Kut

Thursday, June 14, 2012

VA Industrial Wasteland: Volume 3 is out now

The Industrial Wasteland series are compilations that feature local and national acts from the Industrial, Goth, EBM and Alternative underground scenes. These compilations are digital-only releases that feature an array of unique songs that will open both your ears and minds to the music of the underground. Whether you're already a fan, or you're looking to expand your horizons, the Industrial Wasteland series are a guaranteed way to plunge yourself deep into the underground.

Volume 3 is out now and can be downloaded [HERE]. Compilation includes 51 artist from all over the world. We participated with track Electrophobia.
More info about The Industrial Wasteland series you can find at

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Radio drama "Potovanje v tisocera mesta"

We are very happy to announce that radio drama "Potovanje v tisocera mesta" is finished. Drama is produced by Downtown Recordings, label that we collaborated a lot with. They asked us to use some of our work to build the atmosphere so they took some dark ambient, atmospheric but also some noisy tracks.

The story is based on slovenian fairy tale "Potovanje v tisocera mesta" by Vitomil Zupan and even if the main character is a child, the tale is metaphor and full of symbols.
Nine chapters you can listen and download for free. Start here

If you want cd write to

And for the end of this post here is more about the tale but in serbian. Text is taken from email writings.

"Tek je mali decko, koji se udari u glavu tijekom igre i pade u nesvijest. Zbog sugestije mame, da ako se ne smiri, ce ga odnijeti Zlomek (glavni negativac). Kad je u nesvijesti onda se Tek pronadje u nekom potpuno drugom svijetu, koji mu je nepoznan. Polako se snalazi u njemu, susrece prijatelje, otkriva tajne ovog fantazijskog svijeta ali najvise od svega zeli natrag k svoji mami. Ima tu i prepreka, ali Tek sve svlada svojom hrabroscu, prijateljima, pasu i carobnjaku. 

Inace ova bajka je puna zivotnih nauka, koje su servirane subtilno. Isto tako bajka ima i neke elementa metafizickih stvari... naime ljudi u ovom svijetu su nesmrtni, svi zive u nekoj dosadi i nista se ne mjenja. Jako su pametni ali ne znaju nekih jednostavnih stvari kao sta su sunce (ustvari tamo sunca nema). Oni zive kao neki brave new world, gdje nema bolelsti, prasine, sunca,... Decko sto dolazi tamo razsvijetli ljude i udahne im zivot, tako da se ljudi pobune protiv jednoumja Zlomka, kojega muci dosada, napuh (ego) i mrznja. 

Tesko da napisem puno vise o bajki, jer ima toliko toga unutra ali nesto se moze i sknntati iz dialoga i muzike, koja donosi atmosferu.i prica pricu barem toliko ko i rjeci. 

 Ova bajka je bila misljena kao 10 jubilejna kompilacija Downtown recordings ali buduci da sam je prvo napravio i tek onda razmisljao o birokraciji ne mogu je ni van plasirati zbog avtorskih prava bajke. A druga stvar je, da je za na radiu preteska, tako da je moguca samo mala distribucija u ruke i putem neta odabranim osobama."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Glitch Piece 01 - track from upcomming Glitch Pieces EP

"Glitch Piceces" is EP containing 14 glitchy harsh noise tracks. This track will give you perfect feeling about upcomming EP. The last time we dealed with this sound was on "Noise Poetry" EP. Video for the first track of this new release was made by our friend Cesar Naves. We collaborated a month ago on audio-video collaboration "Otherness". You can see the rest of his videos at
If someone is interested in releasing this EP on tape or CDr feel free to contact us.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Path Of Tau [ Tar Lakes remixed ]

We were asked by our friends from industrial band Syphil to do remix of their track "Tar Lakes" from their album "Sugar and Infection". Seven more projects did remix of that track and the result is this "The Path Of Tau" release. You can download for free this release at

1. The Path Of Tau 05:04 
2. F32 - Descent 06:32 
3. Gianni Druid - Cities Slowly Dissolve 03:48 
4. Mother Beth vs Blondie - Disenchanted 04:11 
5. Tearpalm - Tar Upon The Belly Of a Cloud 06:03 
6. Ninoslav Filipović - Quiescent 06:07 
7. Make It Last - Sulfur Indigo 04:22 
8. PRMS - Yesod-Malkuth 07:00 
9. Tearpalm - Oil Pit Theft 03:44 
10. Third I - This Summer We Travel To Jerusalem 06:14

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audiodrome review in Helly Cherry webzine

Niško-ćuprijska tortura zvukom se nastavlja, pa ko voli nek' izvoli. Na odranije mračnom horizontu benda, dve su nove ptice (zloslutnice): Audiodrome je jubilarno 20. izdanje u opusu grupe, a druga, možda i bitnija je što u zvuku sastava prvi put čujemo neku težnju za pokretom, bekstvom iz statičkih predela nojza i indastrijala, koji je ovom bendu i matica i domovina.
Taj ritmički pokret ostvaren je “elektro” ritmovima čije korene beležimo u poslednjoj deceniji prošlog veka. Ovaj produkcijski zahvat doprinosi relativno većoj komunikativnosti ovog izdanja u odnosu na neka prethodna koje sam imao prilike (/nesreću) da čujem. Za bend čija je osnova identiteta ležala u odbijanju bilo kakve komunikacije te hermetizmu/elitizmu, ovo je hvale vredan iskorak.
Naravno, Treće ja je i dalje eonima udaljeno od neke konvencionalne pop-rok vizije muzike viđene kao zabave. I dalje se obraća pažnja na alternativni kanon (kakav se samo paradoks/apsurd krije u ovoj kovanici!): naslov je dovoljno jasan omaž na Kronenbergov Videodrom, koji je i maltene četvrt veka po objavljivanju i dalje u najužem krugu najznačajnijih filmova s radikalnim predznakom.
Iako uočenih novotarija, Audiodrome predominantno otkriva svoje autore kao i dalje tvrde poklonike umetničkog postupka u kome je muzika shvaćena kao proces, težnja ka obuhvatanju totalnosti ništavila koja u sebi otkriva distopijsko-nihilistički impuls, pod uslovom da u takvim vizijama za nešto poput impulsa uopšte ima mesta.
Slušaoci željni izazova mogu sebe da iskušaju na Audiodromu. Album je digitalno moguće besplatno naći na bandcamp servisu, oni željni opipljivijih artefakata mogu da biraju između ploče i kasete.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Audiodrome review in Frenzy Spark magazine

THIRD I - Audiodrome (2011)
experimental/industrial/dark ambient

Razmislimo sada o krvnoj slici i, što bi se reklo, "klimi" alternativne domaće muzičke scene u zadnjih deceniju-dve. Naravno, reč "scena" upotrebljavam u krajne pežorativnom smislu usled njene apsolutne skrajnutosti iz svesti auditorijuma sem onih par stotina entuzijasta što se i dalje nadaju cvatu teško zakržljalog srpskog aparatusa za muzički smisao. Za to se, jakako, ima kriviti i sveopšta ekonomsko-politička-kulturološka-socijalna zlosrećnost koja nas je možda nepovratno disecirala od svih tokova - pogotovu umetničkih. Sa takvim preduslovima, svako odstupanje od norme i(li) eksperimenti su u začetku "piši propalo". Nestabilnom društvu je neophodan svaki raspoloživ stub stabilnosti i konformizma.

Onda, naravno, povremeno izrone i takvi koji stvaraju i razmišljaju daleko izvan okvira sredine u kojoj delaju, napregnuti ka horizontima. Premda vam se, uveravam vas, ne pričinjava ukoliko u soničnoj DNK niško-ćuprijskog demijurga Third I (alter ego Nenada Popovića i Peđe Živanovića) uočite i alegorije aveti vascelog življenja u postmoderna vremena uobličene u pretežno jarosno sazvučje. Konačna misija je - alhemija crnog zlata, a baza, pramaterija kojom Third I raspolaže je vrlo neorganska paleta tmine industrijske buke i razigranog sablasja post-apokalipse. Istinski nigredo, prvi stupanj ka purifikaciji, ako smem tako reći.

Tako je i Audiodrome omaž sveljudskim težnjama, strahovima, pasijama kroz naučno-fantastični horor kaleidoskop Filipa K. Dika, Kronenberga i Barkera. Služeči kao produžetak atmosferskim obeležjima radova ovih velikana, konzumacija ovog albuma obavezno sadrži i ličnu, subjektivnu dimenziju senzacija, sećanja i nelagode koje nadrealni zvuci evociraju u slušaocu. Nesumnjiv je i objektivan, ipak, izvestan levijatanski dojam neimenovane pretnje koja se nadvija nad čoveka progutanog svetom koji odavno ne liči na onaj u čijim nedrima je ponikao - život, sada i u domenu mašina, uvek će vojevati konačnu pobedu, ali da li su za čoveka to i dalje dobre vesti?

U poređenju sa pređašnjom (i plodnom) diskografijom, kinematički Audiodrome stoji u srodstvu sa Postidunstrial Times po svojoj oporoj šizoidnosti, koja je, međutim, ovom prilikom akcentovana još "korozivnijim" strukturama poput, na tren, NIN-ovskog "wall of sound-a" digitalnog rastrojstva na Technojunkies. Stožernu poziciju na albumu zauzima New Order čija ritmika mašina simoblizuje jezive tendencije tehnološke revolucije iz prethodnog pasusa. Za one koji sanjare o povratku Odsustvo svake melodike ne znači i nepoetičnost albuma: soundscaping ipak ima određen "toplokrvni" kvalitet koji stvara utisak da je izvor zvukova na graničnom području između živog i neživog, da je upravo u fazi evolucije (organizma? svesti?) sa još neutvrđenim ciljem. Polu tribalna mističnost zatvarajuće numere, The Truth, naslagama kakofonije kao da svesno ističe nedostupnost i nedokučivost "Istine", kakva god ona bila, postojala ili ne - prethodeći katarzičnom finalu u ponavljanoj prostoj sentenci protagoniste, "Samo mir."

I kada preostane mir, uz njega obitava nada. Nada da će se još domaćih kreativaca odvažiti na ovako smele korake, iako se na njih, po pravilu, ne gleda sa simpatijama. Pionirski koraci nose svoju žrtvu, ali Third I, koji sva svoja izdanja nude i besplatno na zvaničnom sajtu, prelazi ih u čizmama od hiljadu milja - stoga ih otpratimo na njihove naredne destinacije.

Andrej Vidović -

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VA Shit Noise Records # 19

Various – Shit Noise 19
Label: Shit Noise Records – SNR 230
Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: 15 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise

Tracklist ▼
1 Ataraxy – Memories 5:11
2 Bedawang – Year Of The Slaves 3:28
3 Catgirl – Standard Gasoline 6:01
4 Dao De Noize – Noise For Celebrities 4:37
5 Kaelteeinbruch – Sunoco 6:21
6 Liliuminarium – Enslaverafuku 3:43
7 Noise Helviti – Distortion Worship 3 2:56
8 Problem Anderer Leute – Smith 2:39
9 Raven (38) – Scared Of The Unknown 3:35
10 RedSK vs. Teh Soup Rebellion – Big Tim Returns To The Barren Wastelands Of Shangri-La 1 4:24
11 Rovar17 – Snakes 5:11
12 Seiei Jack – Sexeviloevovolution_10Rmx 4:25
13 Third I – Postindustrial Times 5:31
14 To-Bo – Toro Seduto II 4:03
15 Vziel Projet – Grateful Dead 8:29
Limited to 33 copies.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Otherness is project of Noise Community. The idea was to compile tracks from different artists and to produce one 20 minute track. That track was inspiration for Cesar Naves to make short movie. And here is the result, this audio/video collaboration. You can download movie and mp3 track here. Now, enjoy the movie.

Participants: Alien Sea Fume; Attila777; Brownian Motion; Cesar Naves; Corazzata Valdemone; Corroded Master; Frozen Memory; Ganglion_Cyst; Halluciphile; Iky Iky; Lezet; Marax; Mousey The Elephant; Nos Project; Oni Oba; Otto Von Rhinau; Problem Anderer Leute; Psycoton; Rafael Gonzalez; Raven; Ronny Waernes; The Implicit Order; Third I; Tommaso Busatto; Trans Atlantic Rage; Zreen Toyz;

VA I Heart Feedback

Muchausen Sound presents “I HEART FEEDBACK” an exploration of Feedback, Harsh Noise and good ‘ol extreme chaos! 36 artists @ just under 3 ½ hours of abrasive goodness from artists like: Distant Trains, Belltonesuicide, Manscum + Guilty C., Government Alpha, Thirdorgan, iky iky, RedSK and MANY more. We contibuted track "Nazivo". Download for free at MS bandcamp page.

01. Arvo Zylo - Chiral Component - 9:25
02. Molting - Rejected Spirits Depart Through The Incinerative Vortex Into Hades - 4:09
03. Electro Schultz - Back Room - 3:08
04. Projekt666:Satanoise - Pandemonium - 1:40
05. Marax - Merzsonna - 6:36
06. To-Bo - Nenad - 6:06
07. Belltonesuicide - The American - 10:03
08. Problem Anderer Leute - Swiftnick - 6:15
09. Wayne Mason - A Ghost On The Factory Floor - 2:27
10. Bedawang - [non-vahy-uh-luhnt tur-moil] - 9:15
11. Ben Presto - Very Happy Squirrels - 6:10
12. Lezet - Times of Peril - 2:48
13. Distant Trains - Proceeds The Feedbackian Wardance - 6:01
14. Coma Centauri - The Story Of Wood - 3:40
15. False Flag - No Hope For The Hopeless - 4:24
16. Ekunhaashaastaack - untitled - 7:10
17. MANSCUM & GUILTY C. - Dawn of Jinxed Heathens - 8:41
18. Elizabeth Veldon - 3.00 2 - 3:00
19. TWDC - Jim Jonesing - 9:50
20. RedSK - Big Tim Battles The Giant Mosquito - 2:07
21. THIRD I - Nazivo - 6:42
22. Bangkai Angsa - Vagina Mungil yang Mendesis - 4:21
23. Impulsive Habitat - Cleanse the Earth - 2:16
24. Black Tar Prophet - Master Kush - 5:59
25. noiseoftherose - baby one more knob - 4:38
26. Iky Iky - More People Are Wiping Their Asses With My Feelings - 8:05
27. Yokozuna Bot - Matsumoto Marina was commited to 2 holes in front of the ANAL widow! - 6:00
28. DGQ - Dumb Women in Latex - 10:00
29. Extreme Chafing - Irritation - 9:02
30. Government Alpha - Plasmatic Blaster - 8:01
31. Alkmorhilyion - The Unspooling Clouds - 1:53
32. Neon Lushell - Cochroach Water - 2:28
33. Thirdorgan - Discipline24 - 6:27
34. Ronny Wærnes - Morfing The Values - 6:44
35. Brownian Motion - False Awakenings - 8:12
36. Navonski - Iris - 3:36

Saturday, April 14, 2012

VA Overcome By Shadows

This compilation was released by Muchausen Sound label and it's geared more towards darker elements in the fields of Dark & Noise Ambient, Drones and even Death Industrial. 24 artists came together in this darkened collective such as: Coma Centauri, Backyard Ghost, Carl Kruger, 3bc, STILLME., Bid Cidy Orchredesraw. We contributed track "Reaching Toward The Light". You can download it for free or pay if you want at MS bandcamp page.

1.Carl Kruger - Folds And Faults 04:19
2.Molting - Nefarious Souls Ascend From The Burning Deep 04:31
3.Ben Presto - 99ãããTTTTTTTT 13:19
4.Art I Choke - Mushroomisapizzavegetablepart1 01:20
5.Philip Mantione - White, Pink, Regular And Unknown 14:38
6.Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Maria, Rosa Mystica 05:10
7.STILLME. - Anthropomorphic Museum 05:44
8.The Implicit Order & Buzzsaw And The Shavings - Trans America 06:08
9.Josef Nadek - Todtenrearer 07:14
10.Coma Centauri - New World Europa 05:18
11.Backyard Ghost - Moroi 03:47
12.THIRD I - Reaching Toward The Light 09:52
13.Der Domestizierte Mensch - Dup dor aaz Mubster 09:51
14.Arcane Waves - Beyond The Darkest Shadows 10:41
15.Tree - Partial 04:56
16.Iky Iky - A Message To RL - My Only Fault Was The Constant Feeling That Sincerity Is Absent 07:44 cidy orchredesraw - Not All There 10:58
18.3bc - Stranded 04:16
19.Marax - A Noticeable Absence Of Joy 10:48
20.Thysanura - Happiness Live Outside Here 10:08
21.DGQ - She Was Fourteen 08:42
22.Shambala Networks - Suffering Machine 01:58
23.Catacombs Of Doom - The Great Worm 05:58
24.Navonski - The Bones Of Will Geer 05:11

Friday, April 13, 2012

VA Sonitum Sonitus

New net label Waxen Wings released free download compilation "Sonitum Sonitus". We participated with track "The Truth" from the album "Audiodrome". Download compilation directly from bandcamp page and visit label's website for more releases.

List of participants:
Grinding Deviance - ThereGoesBride (USA)
John Magill - Kindly Old Elf, Or CIA Spook (Scotland)
nxfxtxex - God Phlegm (Denmark)
Carl Kruger - Inadvertent Title For Comp Track (USA)
Kevin Sharkey - Chrstfckn 1-6 (USA)
Arseterror - Punk Rock Atari (USA)
SiliconBall - 41 and 1 (France)
Conizguz - F4TH34D (USA)
le bruit du vide - Douleur Lancinante (France)
Crustacean Enlargement - Red Legs (USA)
Third I - The Truth (Serbia)
Draxxx Insert - Subworks (France)
Back to the Fucking Future - (UK)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

VA Crime:Scene Compilation #13

Complete new compilation from Crime:Scene. This was an experimental project which was started almost 1 year ago - 5 second songs and the shortest compilation of full songs in the world. Enjoy this 20 songs and please be kind to shuffle the playlist before playing and you will get the best of this work! And play it real fucking loud!

01. LOLO - Hi Five (0:05)
02. EDDA - The Dark Gate (0:05)
03. Thoughts On Thoughts - Shadow.Biosphere (0:05)
04. Lövröi - Just Shut The Door Again And Again (0:05)
05. Lezet - Members Of The Finger-Pointing Society (0:04)
06. AimmarCair - In My Dreams I Last Way Longer (0:05)
07. Udokier - Pobeg S Ponijem (St. Lucas Remix) (0:04)
08. Patern 37 - CC (0:05)
09. dreDDup - Snot (0:05)
10. Syphil - Liber OZ (0:05)
11. Pornhouse - Lost Or Incomplete? (0:05)
12. Tamerlan - Desire (0:05)
13. :dARM - Trommel 00ds (0:05)
14. Erekta - Slava Prometejeva (0:02)
15. Wide Brain - Trans (0:05)
16. THIRD I - V (0:05)
17. 3D Rosava Pipe - Pesma sa Dva Basa (0:05)
18. Raven - Sometimes The Shortest Things Can Be The Longest One, But Who Cares Cuz We Are Carrying The Miniature Neutron Bomb In Out Pockets (0:05)
19. Urkel! - Inner Struggle (0:05)
20. Void - 20 Void - Om (0:05)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Industrial Arbeitsplatz is OUT NOW

ПН* / Third I / Soma / To-Bo – 4 way split Industrial Arbeitsplatz

Label: Shit Noise Records – SNR 222
Format: CDr, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 02 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Experimental
Tracklist ▼
1 ПН* – Scherz 1 1:00
2 ПН* – Untitled 1 1:00
3 ПН* – Industrial Arbeitplatz 1:00
4 ПН* – Der Schacht Von Babel 1 1:00
5 ПН* – Instalation №1 2:00
6 ПН* – Wasser 1 2:51
7 ПН* – Industrial Arbeitplatz 2 1:00
8 ПН* – Industrial Arbeitplatz 3 2:00
9 ПН* – Wasser 12 5:04
10 ПН* – Ende 0:14
11 Third I – Desolation 18:28
12 Soma (11) – High-Low 20:00
13 To-Bo – Lohnzettelmassaker 21:31

Limited to 50 copies. Available at

Thursday, March 29, 2012

VA Shit Noise Records # 18

Label: Shit Noise Records – SNR 220
Format: CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 29 Mar 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise
1 Catgirl – Vampire
2 Sascha Müller – Raumschnitt
3 To-Bo – Toro Seduto
4 Projekt666:Satanoise – Say No To Melodies
5 M.S.P., The – Fucking Whore
6 Third I – Horse Gives Birth To A Fly
7 Ataraxy – Fragmented Thoughts
8 RedSK – Big Tim Visits Crosswinds Marsh Parts 1-3
9 Exclamation Point – Powerful Vomit
10 Merzweed – Legalized It - Live @ Gedung Gajah - Jakarta ,Indonesia
11 Eugenoise – The Crossing Of The Capibara - Part 1
12 Mince Splatters – The Cliff Effect
13 Problem Anderer Leute – Sichtbeton
14 Soma (11) – Cream
15 Painburn – Killer At Work
16 Dao De Noize – Static Self-killing Of Lorenzo Nascitari
17 Das Gonob Quasiforma – Discontentment
18 Kaelteeinbruch – Three Little Piggies At War
Limited to 33 copies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sound Ossification review by Deadtones

THIRD I – Okoštavanje Zvuka CD (Human Cross Records)

Third I are longstanding industrial noise duo hailing from Ćuprija, small town located in northeast part of Serbia, Europe.
They started their career back in 2005. with brilliant debut called Echoes EP which you can download from their blog, alongside with the rest of their discography full of full-lenghts, EP’s, compilations, collaborations and split releases with handfull of artists such as Mein Kinder, The Apex, Endless Conflict, Oil, Erekta, Bolest Evropa, Raven…etc.
”Okoštavanje Zvuka” (Ossification Of Sound) is their 21st release and it brings a really good form consisted of industial ambiences, noises & drones packed in a self-titled 21 minute track. At the begining ot the composition, you may hear complexity of the mulitiple layers of noises, which will remind you of some kind of asemblage of a newborn machine. These track will guide you through the storm of the compact and well produced ambiences which are slightly hearable in the background of the track, but on the other hand, clearable enough to express darkness of the whole composition. Predrag & Nenad took the advantage of their longtime experience of producing & listening to this genre and transform it into something fresh and new by giving the whole new meaning to the experimentation on the analog and digital level. I’m pretty sure that they work on some new material nowadays and I hope to hear more out them in the not so distant future.
”Okoštavanje Zvuka” comes with brilliant full colour cover artwork made by Dragomir Križić. Artwork consist of well combine of X-ray shoots of human torso & spine painted in mixture of light brown & gray tones. Also, there are basic infos about Third I & Human Cross Records, record label responsible for this release. Human Cross Records is product of Neue:Urform art squad for audio & visual media based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, run by Dragomir Križić itself.



More info about release HERE

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Sound Ossification*" is OUT NOW

*Noise is nothing but a sound osiffication


If you want this, CD is issued by Sarajevo label "Human Cross rec.", in a limited edition. CD is available at Human Cross records -, or you can write to
More info [HERE]
Also, there is FREE DOWNLOAD version of release, so click HERE for your digital copy!!!