Monday, October 28, 2013

"Industrial Syndrone" review in "SOB webzine"

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There is something about long tracks that makes a difference in music. Something ominous about a track longer than six or seven minutes makes me appreciate the music and the producer behind it more than I care to admit. An average music enthusiast will probably not care how long a certain track is and maybe even dislike the longer ones. This is simply because of the short attention span an average man has. How is listening to a long track different from listening to a few consecutive short tracks, you might ask. The fact that some tracks end within four minutes (or less) allowing for another one to start gives the listener a sense of moving forward, progression. ‘Third I’ & ‘Raven’ decided that this was bullshit and with good reason. In a lot of cases, providing an average listener with an interesting enough audio stimuli is far more important than making a statement. Because of this nature the music industry has so vigorously embraced, we are spammed with 3 minute (and sometimes even less) hit shits played on music channels as much as possible. The same applies for mainstream radio stations (and the ones online) that play the same tracks/songs over and over again.

The music that someone else chose for us is being stuffed down our throats on a daily basis. We are stuck with the “best” of a limited choice. Well it is high time to start choosing for ourselves and I choose ‘Third I & Raven’ or, if you prefer, each one of these fine individuals on their own terms. This two track Ep is a definitive FUCK YOU to all those who blindly abide by the laws of the music industry and still have the audacity to call themselves musicians. Both ‘Third I’ and ‘Raven’ are no strangers to experimentation and thinking outside of the box. Let’s face it, there is a lot more room to maneuver outside of the fucking box. The warm inside of this cozy little box is reserved for MTV, VH1 and other so called music channels where the only good change in the last 15 years was the new cleaning lady (the last one was a bitch). This particular maneuver is a dark ambient/drone epoch that needs a sequel, IMMEDIATELY. This being a two track review I don’t have a lot to say about the music, only hope there will be more in the same vein. Hell, play these two tracks backwards and it will still be more of a statement than a filler between two albums. If you even remotely like dark ambient and/or drone, you must listen to this. It is your duty. Further description is as unnecessary as poking the eyes of a blind man…or stabbing the ears of a deaf one. Leave that to MTV.

Review by Phoenix Cain

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Glitch Pieces" EP is now audio visually complete!

We are very honoured to present you video for our 14th and the final piece from "Glitch Pieces" EP. With this video the whole story from this EP is now completed and got totally new dimension.

After you look at the last piece, feel free to look at the rest of them at:
You can get the tape at:
I'd like to thank Cesar Naves for producing videos for the tracks, and Charles Hoffman aka Centipede Farmer for releasing this EP on tape.

Now, I'm onto something new with this material, but I'll talk more about that when I have more precise information.