Friday, August 17, 2012

Reaching Toward the Light OUT NOW

"To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence"
Arthur Schopenhauer

DDA:09 Third I - Reaching Toward The Light c22
Third I brings you through a state of unconsciousness with this new tape "Reaching Toward The Light". Two long minimal dark ambient tracks on each side drenching you with electronic drips and wet ambience. As you lay in your dark mind, you'll see many visions including the misterous cloud of aurora surrounding your fading soul. 
Released by Darker Days Ahead
Reach tape at: or download for FREE [HERE]. Net version was released by Underground Alliance net label & collective.

At the end, here's what Centipede Farm blog said about this release:
"Dark ambient sounds, low rumbles, wind through distant tunnels, icy synthesizer drips, gorgeously tranquil and desolate. Between these guys and Djordje/Raven and a couple other things I’ve caught wind of here and there, Serbia seems like quite the place these days."
[source] Centipede Farm

VA Compilation Against Censorshit

C-122 cassette comes with mini DIY Booklet with info, writings, list of bands, and a nice sized poster!
Click on image for list of participants and better view.