Monday, May 28, 2012

Glitch Piece 01 - track from upcomming Glitch Pieces EP

"Glitch Piceces" is EP containing 14 glitchy harsh noise tracks. This track will give you perfect feeling about upcomming EP. The last time we dealed with this sound was on "Noise Poetry" EP. Video for the first track of this new release was made by our friend Cesar Naves. We collaborated a month ago on audio-video collaboration "Otherness". You can see the rest of his videos at
If someone is interested in releasing this EP on tape or CDr feel free to contact us.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Path Of Tau [ Tar Lakes remixed ]

We were asked by our friends from industrial band Syphil to do remix of their track "Tar Lakes" from their album "Sugar and Infection". Seven more projects did remix of that track and the result is this "The Path Of Tau" release. You can download for free this release at

1. The Path Of Tau 05:04 
2. F32 - Descent 06:32 
3. Gianni Druid - Cities Slowly Dissolve 03:48 
4. Mother Beth vs Blondie - Disenchanted 04:11 
5. Tearpalm - Tar Upon The Belly Of a Cloud 06:03 
6. Ninoslav Filipović - Quiescent 06:07 
7. Make It Last - Sulfur Indigo 04:22 
8. PRMS - Yesod-Malkuth 07:00 
9. Tearpalm - Oil Pit Theft 03:44 
10. Third I - This Summer We Travel To Jerusalem 06:14