Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well, its time to say goodbye to 2014.

It was i bit lazy year for us, two split releases with two singles. But we're not complaining. We don't want to force anything. We were a bit saturated, we needed a rest to feel this great urge of creating process. The urge was back in December so in two weeks we finished two collaborations.
One more reason for our releasing pause is that we are still waiting one release to be out, and we sincerely hope it will happen' in 2015.

So for all of you interested in our work here are some releases we expect in first quarter of 2015.

- Two years long waited split and collaboration with Meinkinder. This piece of art will be released on tape by Cruel Nature Records. The tape will include split we did in 2007. and collaboration we did in 2012. after get in touch again. We must say that this will be kind of a special release since Meinkinder was one of the first acts we did split. Cover for this tape was done by Punk Bastard Design.

- In the beginning of December we collaborated with Vitriol Gauge and the result is 20 minutes drone, industrial, ambient, noise track titled "Cities in Desolation (Part III)". This will be released on worldwide known label from "Down Under" - Smell the Stench. Cover was done by Kostja Ribnik aka Smrznik and his Stripnjak Comics.

- The week after we did one more special 3 way collaboration with Antitalent and Weareallslaves. This was interesting concept to work on since all three acts were a bit different, but we managed to find nice balance and we are very thrilled with final result - track "Substitutional Tears". We expect this to be out as soon as we get the cover done (probably in January-February 2015.). Cover will be done by this great artist Doom Chylde Illustration.

As you can see, a lot of stuff is cooking at the moment. There are some plans for some future collaborations, special releases but we'll talk about that when we have something more precise to say.

Till next time, love you all and NOISE ON!

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