Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Substitutional Tears" review on Yeah I know it sucks blog

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Artist: WeAreAllSlaves/Third I/Antitalent
title: Substitutional Tears
keywords: experimental, improvisation, noise

Three artists with the ability & love to mold sounds, have come together to bring some friendship in to their production. With a cold and yet oddly warm breeze of wind their collaboration takes form as the sounds of dark ambient flows in. There is this voice that gives the recording a vibe as if we have gone to a church of something either being evil or good. The introduction of the bass slowly gives me the vibe of hearing the soundtrack of a retro cult movie in which a movie like ‘the Ghoulies’ or ‘Troll’ & ‘Troll2’ would have become a much more watchable cinematic experience.

The darkness of it all has something magical, yet it’s sketching something of a ritual in which hooded weirdoes drink blood from a wine glass and offer innocent creatures on an altar at some place misty and dark. It’s intriguing, a bit like a cult occult horror movie for the ears without really bringing fear in the mix, but more music that feeds the evil side inside of you something to munch on.

There is the moment in which the music seems to expand as if the offering to the unknown deity has been successful and a bunch of dark clouds gather together to celebrate the done deal. After a bit of weather manipulation the music starts to become strangely brewing in dark powers, it’s coming to life and starts to hiss its poisonous breath all in the listener’s ears. It’s as a bit like receiving a blessing from some kind of powerful but slightly dark demon, who had been ask to  snug up unexpectedly and stick its tongue down our listening holes, perhaps it’s saliva will come dripping out as if it being substitutional tears.

5th of August 2015.

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